23 Nov 2010


Vishesh Tippani: SPIVibes is our monthly newsletter at work. Every January we have something called the annual issue, which is basically a bigger version with more pages to fill.

Me: Hey, you have to get some inputs from {GDM} regards to projects that are in pipeline or hot news in {Client Name} account. I wont get any if I ask him.

Editor: Yep, I will mail him and get you the inputs so that you get some “What’s New” news. Just review it and re-phrase.

She sends a mail and after a while

PM: I need a favor from you

Me: Yes, please

PM: The Principle manager got a mail from Editor about the pipeline projects. He asked me to take it up, I thought you are the right person. Please write something and send it to the Editor.

Me: Huh???