15 Nov 2010

Film: Golmaal 3

If you are recently back from Goa then this film is not for you. It is also not for people who cannot laugh at dumb jokes. If you are good at pointing fingers, then please refrain from watching. In case you know someone who stammers in real life, then really don’t make an effort to view the trilogy of “Golmaal”.

Our dear Rohit had 6 actors + Johnny who can do comedy, but he chose to make this story. He could have taken some skits out of comedy circus only, they were so damn better. This is one of those person1-hits-person2-he-misses-and-gets-hit-himself and you are expected to laugh kinda comedy. Some scenes like the finger hiding action by the Warsi gang is so repeated that it gives you a bad headache, Oh & also Kareena just talks and talks and fights and fights.

There are few punch lines like “Safe (Saif)-Side”, “9-9-9-9-0-0-0-0-8-8”, “Prem Chopra” and “Mithun Da’s” dance which somehow steal a smile. Apart from that well, I see nothing out of Golmaal – 3. Stay at home and watch Dhamaal instead, that should be better.

P.S: Happy Children's Day


Dums said...

I liked the movie.. Its was fun... we shouldn't think too much while watching this movie.. All PJ's ...

I really liked the virtual fight they had soon after the interval..

The Kingmaker said...

I agree with you...this is a dumb ass movie...total waste of time.