8 Nov 2010

Fly n Drive CM

While everyone in the globe are trying to preserve exhaustible resources – somewhere far away in Karnataka….

The CM wants to give away “good-quality” Sarees to the ladies in Sugar-town (whose factory is closed long ago) Mandya. Why you may ask? Zilla panchayath elections are on the move, so you deal the home minister of the house, half the work is done. Yeah I was saying he flies from Bengaluru to Mysuru which has its own new airport and his car travels all the way from Bengaluru to Mysuru climbing the very small not marked humps at every village (22 to be precise). Then he boards his car outside the airport and reaches Mandya. Again lands back in Mysuru, says tata-bye-bye at the airport to the car that reaches Bangalore.

What an effective utilization I say!