19 Nov 2010

Khabar mein tho…

  • MIL still doesn’t let me to go my mom’s place on a Friday. But otherwise I mean when it comes to doing work and taking responsibilities she feels the marriage is quite old now and I have to take them up, yeh fark kaisa?

  • Pati got excellence award at work, took me off to treat me at Red Chilly. Well about the food there, I think it’ll require an independent post.

  • After almost a year and half, the IT department sent me back my money after the claim. Some bucks to the account, thankfully.

  • Sweet 1 year niece waits for me to return home, tries to hug me and due to the difference in our height succeeds in hugging my legs. She doesn’t leave me until I pick her up and cuddle her. We have a little moment everyday now.

  • Annual day at work has a “Retro” theme this year. I guess too much of theme is ruining the atmosphere. Let’s see how old it can get.

  •  There seem to be some positive vibes about “Guzaarish” and we are off for it kal. Review on Monday may be?

  • What is it with people changing geographies? Pamela comes to India showing off herself in a “Saree” (satyanash to our culture) with her silicon and Mallika reaches the US wearing the P3 gowns (fashion designers are dieing 100 deaths) with her own silicon. To top it all Rakhi is giving insaaf??? Wish world comes to an end today instead of 2012.

  • Yeddy asks family to give all the allotted sites back to BDA. Wow that’s a nice way, from now on people should do the same. Commit a crime, if no one gets to know, chill and when someone raises finger, just revert back the crime. How cool is that?? That way Judiciary can be kicked out of our constitution.

  • Looks like Mayor Uncle has taken some prime space in SOM. His pic of either visiting or inspecting or yelling or cutting ribbon will be printed bang on in the evening daily. Khair, his term almost comes to an end so that should stop soon.

  • Huduga Hudugi seems to have not attracted any gender audience. Last heard the transsexuals too boycotted the movie and it is out of the theatre within a week.  

  • I am doing a lot of research on my culinary skills. Last Wednesday I made Vegetable Steamed Momo for the entire family and they loved it or may be told a lie that they loved it. I donno. Tomorrow I plan to bake a cake.

That’s it people, have a great weekend, btw do watch Maja with Sruja instead of Koffee with Karan. Nam Hudga na prothsahisi....