29 Nov 2010

Nitrous Oxide Leak Again

At Dharmastala in a small restaurant having dinner

Dad: Can I get a finger bowl please

Waiter: Huh?

Dad: Finger bowl??

Waiter (pointing towards a corner): there is a sink, wash your hands there.

Dad (puzzled look) with mom giggling away

Inspecting whether the new Sardar Vallabhai Patel layout is good for investment

Pati (from car): Excuse me, where is the 3rd stage here?

Some guy (on Hamara Bajaj): Are you going to Basavaraj’s house?

Pati: Errr, yes.

Some guy: Great, even I am going there for the function. It is just down the lane. You see those ladies walking, please take them along and drop them there?

Pati (stunned look) with me horribly laughing