26 Nov 2010

Restaurant: Coastal Garden

23/11/2010 21:30 hrs Gadkari gave a 1 liner.

“So finally BJP high command failed” I sighed.

“You have no brains. Yeddy will resign” Pati made a statement. & the line echoed hard; again and again.

“Nonsense, I know politics since I was born. He won’t”, have no brains talk was still was taunting me.

“I was born in a political family my dear. I know stuff well than you”

“OK then lets have a challenge. He resigns I’ll take the entire family to Silent Shores. He doesn’t then you take us to Coastal Garden. I am that confident, are you?”

“Deal baby”

I guess you all know who won!!!

“Coastal Garden” is quite easy to locate. From the KRS road if you reach the Royal Inn signal, move towards the railway track about 200mts & to the left is “Coastal Garden”

It was quite crowded for a weekday. There is an option to sit at the lawn, but winter – mist – 1 year old niece made us opt the indoors. The ambience is not that breath taking but decent enough for a crowd puller. Like the name says we wanted to have some authentic Karavali food.

We started off with “Tomato Soup” as the service suggested that rest of the soups would require lot of time to be served. It was thick and tangy, rightly made for a chill evening. Next came the “Tandoori Chicken”, it had 8 big offerings. I could taste the roasted chicken along with the yogurt and spices, all cooked up neat.

The “Anjal Rava Fry” had a thick layer of rava on it; it kind of masked taste of the Anjal fish. None of us were happy with the way it was fried as well. We even got chunks of salt on the marine.

The best part was the “Neer Dosa + Chicken Curry”. It had 5 small soft dosas. As the curry was in plenty we decided to get two more plates to just neer dosa. Pavithra kept telling me that the Kori rotti is very good and ordered to try a hand. Well, it was excellent in my opinion. Like the ones they prepare in that region of Karnataka.

The Chicken Biryani and the Egg Fried Rice were very good for the price they offered. The total came up to 1500 for 7 of us. The service is very fast and they expect you to eat fast. It is certainly not the place for having fish. That way it disappointed us. & it’s certainly not the place to go relax; go for it if you want great food and that to be served in a jiffy.

Highlights: Tandoori Chicken, Neer Dosa and Kori-Rotti

Coastal Garden
K R S Road,
Opposite Falcon Tyre
Mysore, 09845685382