18 Nov 2010

Taavare Thalanna

Apparently after watching news channels yesterday which went on giving breaking news every 5 minutes about “one more de-notification”, it is been proved that Yeddy is deadlier than the Reddy.

Both together have found a new avishkar in floriculture field; have brought the Kamala out of Kesaru meanwhile they have dirtied their shubra batte. They have pioneered a way to grow “Lotus” in de-notified and mining lands. Kanthri Kamala Kannadigara Kiwi ge, mudkoli.

Last heard, Yeddy was “draping seere” to “Tene Hotha Mahile” and “giving chippu” to “Kai”, while the janta were singing “Lakshmi baramma Bhagyalakshmi baramma, uLisalu Karnatakava Sridevi ye