31 Dec 2010



To the better half,


Marriage, all said was “to be responsible” even if one didn’t wanted to. They scared me with that. But with you I realized the bubbly-happy-always-pampered me had to be Independent; for the rainy days that is.


Thank you for finding that “part” in me this year.



The-still-Kiddish -wife



29 Dec 2010

It is Trip Time

6am, a car & 3 Guys


Dude 1: Yayyyyy road trip

Dude 2: Yo Man…

Dude 3: Driving


9am, same car & same Guys


Dude 1: Zzzzzzzz….

Dude 2: Snorrrr….

Dude 3: Driving


Tomorrow come by & I’ll tell you what Gals do!


28 Dec 2010

The 13th SPI Annual Day

Mysore 27/12/2010: The Silent Shores groups of hotels have decided to change their name to “Only Shores” (For the dumb innocent Shor as in Galata in Hindi) after yesterday. Such was the impact of the noise; all credits to SpiZens, who showcased some outstanding and sizzling performances before the lovely 3000 crowd who had nothing but fun.

The theme for the event was “Retro”; one could find ''Lambretta” and some cutouts parked everywhere.

Ok this “I am a reporter” is getting quite boring, I shall get back to normal ME mode. So yeah we had some kick ass fun last night, both back stage and on stage. Oh not to forget for sometime just below the stage as well, during the DJ, shockingly Pati  wanted to dance and at these times I would never want to say a “No” no matter how bad the mixing is. I would say he still remembers the aerobics steps quite well.

Coming back, yeah so I was with the mike after a long gap of 3 years; lets say there was a small challenge I had taken to ask people who commented that the 10th annuals had a boring female compeering to “Shut Up”. It takes guts to face a corporate crowd unlike the college one and yes I can now proudly say that I have it in me.

This time I was more confident and a bit more natural. There was nothing called a script as such & I along with Sunny pulled it off quite clean. The experience was whole lot different than the last time; compeering and then go back stage change to draping a shawl to act in the skit and then go change for the next program on stage to dance extempore with a certified dancer.

While the entire world was over confident about me that they dint even wish me goodluck, Thanks to a special friend who was there all the way; from the rehearsals to the D-day, criticizing, pampering and encouraging at same levels.

Herezzz to the Kurta/Suit guy, I owe you, a beer may be??

22 Dec 2010

Making of Maadha - Field Birds

Politician departs....

An Honest IAS officer arrives....


Abhijith: What does your politicians and rulers say?


IAS Officer: Look, we are making sure to setup a panel to probe into this issue.


Abhijith: Are you influenced by any politician?


IAS Officer: I am a Government servant and I am not bothered about any politician. My duty is to resolve the issue according to Indian constitutional act.


Bharath: mEDaM, muMde hEge? idu raitarallE naDeda jagaLa aMtIrA athavA idara hiMde rAjakIya kaivADa enAdru ideyA.


IAS Officer: I think you are asking this question to a wrong person.....!!!


IAS officer leaves......



P.S: IAS Officer is Me.


21 Dec 2010

Top 8 shocks

I had in the movie theatre – In a random order
  1. Kajol was the murderer in Gupt. Hello do you expect an inspector Daya in me? I was 12 then.
  2. Salman’s emergence in Kuch Kuch Hotha Hai. Even after he made an entry I kept thinking it was gonna end soon like most of the guest appearances would.
  3. Gandhi class was not named after Bapu and Bucket class did not ask for people to sit in bucket. WTH with the names then?!
  4. Upendra’s Sshhhhh. That movie had nothing but shocks.
  5. Aishwarya could act while watching Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. It provoked me to watch this.
  6. Someone actually could dare to make a movie named “Preethi Yeke Bhumi Melidhe?” The one whom entire Mandya was proud about.
  7. Popcorn wasn’t free when I first visited PVR. The tickets were priced like 250 bucks dammit.
  8. Mani Ratnam made Raavan and Kites took a good 4 years to complete. I was told that both were out of good health.
Why this you may ask. Yesterday we watched some videos of Retro at SPI. It had how Doordarshan would start off with “Saare Jahan Se Acha” circle forming DD’s symbol, Gold Spot se Chal Meri Luna to Ek Anek then Mile Sur Mera Tumhara to Chandrakantha.

They had clips of Annavru, Vishnu, Shankar Nag, Ambrish, Rajni, Chiranjivi, Madhuri & what not. To top it up they served us free popcorn, kadleaayi and coke.

All of this enjoyed at Gandhi Class. Sheer Movie Bliss I tell ya.

P.S: Did you know that “Nanna Daniyege Ninna Daniya Seridanthe Namma Daniya” was totally unheard? Whistles and Yells and Rockets and Paper tearing; all happened.

20 Dec 2010


It’s beena week alwa? That I have gone missing??

I heard some of you even tried lodging a complaint with dad; well he is still in his “I know to use Internet” meaning “I Google”. Blogging concept is way too far bidi.


It is very difficult when you are a part of political family. A family which just not watches news and has views but that is involved in it. & girls in such families should always get married to a family with similar political views. Else you get torn Emotionally to be precise. It’s just the story of day 1 which is nomination filing. I donno what is in store until the voting and the D day.


I realized that I am punyavanthe; courtesy Tumkur-Shivganga-Olakallu Theertha. Apart from the men in the house I was the only person able to get hold of that water. Heck it just meant that I have big lengthy hands. & after the return have swollen legs as well, damn the heights. Btw all the pain is worth actually, met him & took his blessings. Jeevana Paavana


Apart from that I am living dad’s dream virtually. Thanks to YenSee sir, I am doing my first rangaprevesha as “IAS Officer” that too honest. Apart from the skit practices the MC’ing for the coming 13th annual day is taking my time. Yeah baby I am back with the Mike, missing Tony though. On a positive note, my new co-host is a sweet one, brought Ooty yellow flowers and choclates. May be I should give more dialogues to him.


Ta for now!









11 Dec 2010

Of Working and Choking and Joking

If it is a Saturday and I am blogging, it only means that I am working!!!

To all you guys who just smiled on “my weekend working” – Shame on U I say, work is worship, learn from the workaholics.

To all you guys who are sharing the same pain – Kaikesaradare Kai tholkoli, Dettol hand wash hakodhu maribedi

To Pati who is giving me company by working himself - I Love You Baby, you really have taken those "I will be there in your happiness pain" vachans seriously.

Aste, Have a Good Weekend All.

Current Song: Daddy Cool - Boney M

10 Dec 2010


Polka Dots & Bell Bottoms
Long Collars & Scarves
Big Sunglasses and Thick Eyelashes
Pompadours and Side Locks
Short Pallu and Full arm Blouses

Helen and Hema Malini
Jitendra and Mithun da
Elvis and Beatles
Jai and Veeru
Hamara Bajaj and No roof cars

Time of 

SPI is sporting and era when Munni and Sheela worshipped "Monica"

Here is a trailer.

Picture Abhi Bhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost

9 Dec 2010

10 reasons why….

You are not in my friend list of FB

  1. I might not know you at all. Good for me.
  2. I might know you but didn’t like you at all. Good for you.
  3. You tagged me in photos like “Happy Diwali” or “Eid Mubarak” or “Halloween’s” that did not involve me at all. No, I won’t disable the tag option; there are genuine people out there who use that feature just fine.
  4. I am not interested to know the schedule of your dog peeing or the time of your cat meowing or why your maid back answered you or the reason why the overhead tank is empty (Do a favor for the ones in your list at least, do not post such info in there)
  5. May be we had a fight or broke-up & are not in good terms. & pretend want to move-on just like those fast track watch ads.
  6. I don’t want you to know where and what and how and why I have “that” in my mind.
  7. Trust. It is a big word, especially when I receive emails like this. I cannot stop myself from uploading them as for some dear friends of mine who stay far away those photos are the only source to see me.  
  8. There is no reason why we should get back in touch through social networking. Well if that was the case I think we wouldn’t have been lost touch anyways.
  9. There may be faint chances of me or the gang in my list bitching about you. I don’t want you to get hurt and all. So both of us are still good.
  10. Finally, “I just don’t want to”

Testing ABC

Blogging from cell phone. Let me see how it works.

8 Dec 2010

NIE Force

All of us know that Sivamani is a great drummer. He can play stuff right from a spoon to suitcase and what now. He claims that he started drumming when he was in his mother’s womb.

Some of us know that Stephan Devassy is a great pianist. He can play from normal to electric to what not. He claims that he started the magic on the finger tips since he was ten.

But did you all know that both of them together make a deadly musical night? I witnessed them sometime in September (18 to be precise) at NIE Drums Sivamani Nite. There was some charity show for the civil workers of NIE & dad got some passes. We made sure we were present on behalf of him. They rocked the stage. & HOW???

You can find the video of the performance here

7 Dec 2010

Stitch is the Limit

It is one hell of a scene to watch the doctor sew the wound. It is harder when the wound is of your loved one. Apparently Pati got 2 stitches today. The dedicated workaholic is behaving like a complete absent minded these days; forgetting roads and ending up traveling more distance, saying yes in a conversation where his answer should actually be a no and what not.

This morning he fell with a big “thud” and hit himself in his chin and that started bleeding. I guess he was in “Syncope” (courtesy: to-be-doc-sis). I saw blood everywhere, his hands, neck, chin and on the floor too. It took a while for us to find out where he was hurt. Then the cleaning of wound, checking BP, cleaning of wound, checking sugar, cleaning of wound, checking how big it is, cleaning of wound…ok you get the point.

That man still doesn’t know why and how he had a fall. If only someone could tell him to relax, coz I have failed and today was the limit.

He went to work after the cut was stapled this way.

6 Dec 2010

Film: Super

It took us 25 minutes to enter the theatre from the gate. It had cream of cream mass crowds, all yelling in Sanskrit. I kept telling Pati watching in “Saraswathi” would have been a better idea instead of “Linganna Doddanna” theatre, I mean “LiDo”.

The initial “KruthagnathegaLu” slides showed our man’s brains. Then there was an aashirvani voice of Bhatru opening for the movie which runs in the flash back of 2010. You see, ultimately Mangalore brains should meet over a plate of “machchli”. He has also penned down the lyrics along with the director.

The movie forwards to 2030, some scenes I really enjoyed watching were the phirangs sweeping and behaving like Indians, Mysuru International Airport being all flashy, CM as common man and not chief minister; cheap thrills, but then what the heck. There is a flashback 1 shifting to 2010 with our clothes clad heroine’s entry followed by actor/director’s “Come On Director” song entry. After sometime there is again a flashback 2, with how the hero heroine met; then sang a song and then married but no first night. Why you may ask? Flashback 3 will answer your question. Between these are links to flashbacks, usual I-will-hit-everyone-and-scold-them-but-no one-cares technique, Saadhu & Telugu comedian being the chaddi brothers, software-hardware-underwear jokes, horrible looking CM/judge/inspector who are not for sale, pouting Tulip Joshi, dancing & acting Imraan, imaginary Ravi Belegere look-alike, I Love India & I Love Indira and the very own Dhira Rockline.

Watch it for usual U gimmicks, thatha alias meshtru, graphical India @ 2030 which can only be graphical, knowing the uses of Indian mannu and the of course our director-turned-actor-turned-singer-turned-director Uppi. The man is back, although with lesser BANG.

Jai….. Bye….

3 Dec 2010

Proud Moments

Where you may ask?

We were dining at this restaurant which is in
Gandhi Square
, waiting for the food we ordered to arrive.

There is a conversation happening on the phone by a fat-white-shirt-black-face real estate guy. No, we did not over hear him. He was shouting and yelling and laughing like a chimpanzee.

“Take 15 photos of the vehicle in all angles”

We assumed he has bought a new car or something.

“Make sure you photo the places where there are major dents in close-up”

Ah so this is some accident mamla.

“There won’t be any problem with regards to your insurance claiming”

The vehicle was not his, of course why would he be laughing otherwise.

“What?? In Mysore? No no no, your vehicle is from Mandya no?

Long pause in our thinking although Pati must be thinking why the Chicken 64 hadn’t arrived yet

“Do how I say. The ACP here, Gowda is very strict. He will have 100 rules and regulations”

You see now, both of our faces had signs of popping eyes and did you hear that.

“Money na? He will make even more tantrums if we offer any. Let us do stuff there only”

Both of us were proud.

Pati, because of dad and me because my Chilly Chicken had arrived before his Chicken 64.

Who am I kidding?

I am a proud daughter

2 Dec 2010

Pen Cap

It is very rare women live for themselves. It is usually for the husband and the in-laws next the children & at the last few days of their lives for the grand children. You can ask them any question and their answers too end with these names - the husband, the in-laws, the children & the grand children. Why leaving job? Husband wants to, Why kids so soon? In-laws want me to. So on…

Certain times I was doubtful whether this era of sacrifices would ever end. I think I have found the answer. Every girl one or the other day has to go through stuff that she doesn’t want to just because of the entities namely “the parents”.

Of course they have the goodwill of “I want my daughter to be happy” but somehow they never realize what happiness actually means to their daughter.

Prisha closed her netbook with a big sigh. She was entangled in life, at least that’s what she thought. She wished she started writing again, make some time for the passion which no longer was ignited. The mundane chores had engulfed her in a way that wasn’t easy to break free at all.

“It’s never too late” she decided.

& just when she started searching for her favorite pen she heard Vikram.

“Prishu where is my tie??”

She ran down.

Well at least she had made a beginning, opening the “Pen Cap”.  

1 Dec 2010


My right eye revolted yesterday and got swollen. May be I winked at too many people? Anyways that gave a reason to take off yesterday. Pati too wasn’t well, running nose and all, too decided to stay back. Once the calls were made to respective offices, we started feeling better.

& the theatres got us calling. We headed for Bisile as that was the only decent flick in the hall past 2 weeks. Diganth has done well for himself, even outside Bhatru’s camp; plays an arrogant towards studies and falling in love with heroine and getting lost and helping her get back to city and in between delivering some great one liners. Few scenes are outdated like the “Palat” heroine probably because the film was canned for quite sometime now.

Someone should really teach Jennifer Kotwal how to walk, let aside acting. She still jumps the way she did “chikubuku Railu” flashing her hair and putting it aside; oh also she looks very old alongside doodhpeda. Sandeep Gowda, the debutant director has done quite decent work with the dumb script he had. He has used the light very well and you also get to see the lovely greenery of the “Bisile Ghat”. The songs are neither fresh nor catchy except for the patho version of “Kaanadhe Ninnannu Chandira”. Screenplay is the highlight, if not for it, the movie would have returned back to the cans after 1 week.

Go for it if you are too much drenched of the “Male” (rains I mean) and because there are no other choices till Dec 3rd. The man is back to add some “Salt” to the only-masala-sandalwood. Go Uppi Go