28 Dec 2010

The 13th SPI Annual Day

Mysore 27/12/2010: The Silent Shores groups of hotels have decided to change their name to “Only Shores” (For the dumb innocent Shor as in Galata in Hindi) after yesterday. Such was the impact of the noise; all credits to SpiZens, who showcased some outstanding and sizzling performances before the lovely 3000 crowd who had nothing but fun.

The theme for the event was “Retro”; one could find ''Lambretta” and some cutouts parked everywhere.

Ok this “I am a reporter” is getting quite boring, I shall get back to normal ME mode. So yeah we had some kick ass fun last night, both back stage and on stage. Oh not to forget for sometime just below the stage as well, during the DJ, shockingly Pati  wanted to dance and at these times I would never want to say a “No” no matter how bad the mixing is. I would say he still remembers the aerobics steps quite well.

Coming back, yeah so I was with the mike after a long gap of 3 years; lets say there was a small challenge I had taken to ask people who commented that the 10th annuals had a boring female compeering to “Shut Up”. It takes guts to face a corporate crowd unlike the college one and yes I can now proudly say that I have it in me.

This time I was more confident and a bit more natural. There was nothing called a script as such & I along with Sunny pulled it off quite clean. The experience was whole lot different than the last time; compeering and then go back stage change to draping a shawl to act in the skit and then go change for the next program on stage to dance extempore with a certified dancer.

While the entire world was over confident about me that they dint even wish me goodluck, Thanks to a special friend who was there all the way; from the rehearsals to the D-day, criticizing, pampering and encouraging at same levels.

Herezzz to the Kurta/Suit guy, I owe you, a beer may be??