6 Dec 2010

Film: Super

It took us 25 minutes to enter the theatre from the gate. It had cream of cream mass crowds, all yelling in Sanskrit. I kept telling Pati watching in “Saraswathi” would have been a better idea instead of “Linganna Doddanna” theatre, I mean “LiDo”.

The initial “KruthagnathegaLu” slides showed our man’s brains. Then there was an aashirvani voice of Bhatru opening for the movie which runs in the flash back of 2010. You see, ultimately Mangalore brains should meet over a plate of “machchli”. He has also penned down the lyrics along with the director.

The movie forwards to 2030, some scenes I really enjoyed watching were the phirangs sweeping and behaving like Indians, Mysuru International Airport being all flashy, CM as common man and not chief minister; cheap thrills, but then what the heck. There is a flashback 1 shifting to 2010 with our clothes clad heroine’s entry followed by actor/director’s “Come On Director” song entry. After sometime there is again a flashback 2, with how the hero heroine met; then sang a song and then married but no first night. Why you may ask? Flashback 3 will answer your question. Between these are links to flashbacks, usual I-will-hit-everyone-and-scold-them-but-no one-cares technique, Saadhu & Telugu comedian being the chaddi brothers, software-hardware-underwear jokes, horrible looking CM/judge/inspector who are not for sale, pouting Tulip Joshi, dancing & acting Imraan, imaginary Ravi Belegere look-alike, I Love India & I Love Indira and the very own Dhira Rockline.

Watch it for usual U gimmicks, thatha alias meshtru, graphical India @ 2030 which can only be graphical, knowing the uses of Indian mannu and the of course our director-turned-actor-turned-singer-turned-director Uppi. The man is back, although with lesser BANG.

Jai….. Bye….