22 Dec 2010

Making of Maadha - Field Birds

Politician departs....

An Honest IAS officer arrives....


Abhijith: What does your politicians and rulers say?


IAS Officer: Look, we are making sure to setup a panel to probe into this issue.


Abhijith: Are you influenced by any politician?


IAS Officer: I am a Government servant and I am not bothered about any politician. My duty is to resolve the issue according to Indian constitutional act.


Bharath: mEDaM, muMde hEge? idu raitarallE naDeda jagaLa aMtIrA athavA idara hiMde rAjakIya kaivADa enAdru ideyA.


IAS Officer: I think you are asking this question to a wrong person.....!!!


IAS officer leaves......



P.S: IAS Officer is Me.