2 Dec 2010

Pen Cap

It is very rare women live for themselves. It is usually for the husband and the in-laws next the children & at the last few days of their lives for the grand children. You can ask them any question and their answers too end with these names - the husband, the in-laws, the children & the grand children. Why leaving job? Husband wants to, Why kids so soon? In-laws want me to. So on…

Certain times I was doubtful whether this era of sacrifices would ever end. I think I have found the answer. Every girl one or the other day has to go through stuff that she doesn’t want to just because of the entities namely “the parents”.

Of course they have the goodwill of “I want my daughter to be happy” but somehow they never realize what happiness actually means to their daughter.

Prisha closed her netbook with a big sigh. She was entangled in life, at least that’s what she thought. She wished she started writing again, make some time for the passion which no longer was ignited. The mundane chores had engulfed her in a way that wasn’t easy to break free at all.

“It’s never too late” she decided.

& just when she started searching for her favorite pen she heard Vikram.

“Prishu where is my tie??”

She ran down.

Well at least she had made a beginning, opening the “Pen Cap”.