3 Dec 2010

Proud Moments

Where you may ask?

We were dining at this restaurant which is in
Gandhi Square
, waiting for the food we ordered to arrive.

There is a conversation happening on the phone by a fat-white-shirt-black-face real estate guy. No, we did not over hear him. He was shouting and yelling and laughing like a chimpanzee.

“Take 15 photos of the vehicle in all angles”

We assumed he has bought a new car or something.

“Make sure you photo the places where there are major dents in close-up”

Ah so this is some accident mamla.

“There won’t be any problem with regards to your insurance claiming”

The vehicle was not his, of course why would he be laughing otherwise.

“What?? In Mysore? No no no, your vehicle is from Mandya no?

Long pause in our thinking although Pati must be thinking why the Chicken 64 hadn’t arrived yet

“Do how I say. The ACP here, Gowda is very strict. He will have 100 rules and regulations”

You see now, both of our faces had signs of popping eyes and did you hear that.

“Money na? He will make even more tantrums if we offer any. Let us do stuff there only”

Both of us were proud.

Pati, because of dad and me because my Chilly Chicken had arrived before his Chicken 64.

Who am I kidding?

I am a proud daughter


Anonymous said...

really interesting, hatts off to ACP I mean ur dad