7 Dec 2010

Stitch is the Limit

It is one hell of a scene to watch the doctor sew the wound. It is harder when the wound is of your loved one. Apparently Pati got 2 stitches today. The dedicated workaholic is behaving like a complete absent minded these days; forgetting roads and ending up traveling more distance, saying yes in a conversation where his answer should actually be a no and what not.

This morning he fell with a big “thud” and hit himself in his chin and that started bleeding. I guess he was in “Syncope” (courtesy: to-be-doc-sis). I saw blood everywhere, his hands, neck, chin and on the floor too. It took a while for us to find out where he was hurt. Then the cleaning of wound, checking BP, cleaning of wound, checking sugar, cleaning of wound, checking how big it is, cleaning of wound…ok you get the point.

That man still doesn’t know why and how he had a fall. If only someone could tell him to relax, coz I have failed and today was the limit.

He went to work after the cut was stapled this way.