28 Jan 2011

Foul Smelling Sandalwood

Anyone can be a hero/heroine.

In case you did not know there was this much scripted show called “Halli Hydha Pyateg Bandha” in Suvarna.

It asked men/boys from the deep jungles no access to city sorta places to come to pyate aka Bangalore team up with the gals who failed in the “Pyate Hudugi Halli Lifeu” (for the less clothes spice) & perform tasks.

There was this guy and this girl as a team who took major TRP’s and even went ahead to win the show.

& now they are doing a movie together called “Jungle Jackie”. To top all this crap, the host is a flop hero turned host.

yappa yen kaala banthappa.

27 Jan 2011

Bolo Bharath Maatha Ki...

Taglines, they do so much to the brands. “Get Idea”, “Connecting people”, “Today tomorrow” so on and so forth…

On that note I have come up one for Indians & I am sure all you guys will totally agree. Bang on

Indians - “Mauke Ka faida Utana Koi inse seeke”

See another Republic day went by; I bet anyone and everyone have taken advantage of this day. By the Sales, Marketing, Media, Bollywood, Politicians, Sportspersons, Flag/Map/Badge makers, Florists and even the aam jantha to the much awaited holiday even if they do not know who was the chairman of the drafting committee (assuming they know why we celebrate the occasion)

Ab after coming up with such a lovely tagline how could I not celebrate? So I took family out to Golf Club for the republic day celebrations. Sipping wine and listening to the Ghazals with awesome chicken on the menu, what more can I, the true Bharatiya (making mom and Pati wear white, cribbing I have nothing in white) ask for?

& for the last time it is certainly not my fault that I bump into people each & every place. I have been living in this city for 25 years dammit, kabhi tho yeh hona tha!

After the “Oh-Hi-How-Are-You-Long-Time” sorta situation looping, I am declaring myself a “Page 3” celebrity.

In true sense isse kehthe hai “Mauke Ka faida Utana”. Jai Hindh, anyone?

25 Jan 2011

Mind Your Manners?

I was teaching “Social Manners” to the niece yesterday.


“We say SORRY when we hurt someone”

“We say THANK-YOU when someone helps us”


I am sure each one of us learnt the above during childhood as part of syllabus. But then as we grew we also learnt things like ego, being self-centered, why-should-I attitude et el. It kinda worked like the re-taping stuff. & even when it is used sometimes it is either a forced one, or done circumstantially, many times to get out of a mistake; very rarely meant what it has to convey.  


Today it is all about “Social Networking” and the manners, Oh well it just exists in the books and thank goodness with the kids at least.  


24 Jan 2011

Film: Dhobi Ghat

People who love art
Must watch Dhobi Ghat
Rest all can do their Part
Just stay at home and Chat  

Aste Aste

20 Jan 2011

#785829263 Reasons why this man is funny



Vinayak Joshi: Meter bekamma hakolakke…wearing Orange Pant today


Srujan: Vinay Joshi meter bekamma pant hakolde iroku. Naan ivathu shorts haakidini.




17 Jan 2011

Hurt Heart

Scream in frustration, Declare the love, Fight and make-up, ask people to just FO…

The damn heart makes us do so many things that are never right, screws your life and lands you in deep shit. Mine has been doing the same since quite sometime now.

KitKat break bantha hai boss, I’ll be back…. & when I have no clue whatsoever.



13 Jan 2011

The Stone Melted

I am an atheist, he declared everywhere he went. This man aged 69yrs was a retired government engineer; kids who looked after him, grandchildren who loved him, daughter-in-laws who took great care of him and most importantly a lovely wife who had taken the “in life and death” vows of marriage very seriously were his biggest and only assets.

It is still fresh in my memory how he had made the architect take off the “puja” room from the blue print of his new home. His wife persuaded, sons made a fuss, daughter in laws cribbed but he listened to none. His words were always final & once he decides on things there would be no chances of looking back. So the home had no prayer hall, & all of them had accepted the truth, moved on with it.

In between all this his wife had started a simple ritual which had later turned out to be part and parcel of her life. She used to leave home on pretext of morning walk, go all the way from her home to the florist, buy some fresh jasmine and reach the famous “Vinayak” temple of her town. She used to offer flowers, did her prayers and return home. All this without the husband getting to know; that was probably the only thing in their 40 years of wedding she hid from him. 

It was the horrible winters the city had ever witnessed and it was also the winter the family was given the bad news. The old man’s wife was detected with 2nd stages of throat cancer. Her conditions deteriorated each day & within few days she was bed ridden. She couldn’t swallow anything due to the lump, and the amount of medicines she had to take was in plenty. The old man stayed by her all the time, nursing, caring and reading stories to her. He did not sleep even when she did. But the cancer had reached the final stages, & the wife started having hallucinations. She cried and yelled in pain for months, asked for a peaceful sleep but death wasn’t even near her although the doctors had given up any hopes.

“I have a final wish” she wrote with difficulty, her handwriting all shaken. She felt that the deity she worshipped every single day was not letting her go. She had asked him the impossible; her request to him was to visit the temple, pray and get her the divine water they used to wash the idol.

He did not complain; he had to do it for the soul mate who had not asked him anything till date. Before anyone could talk, he left to the temple. He returned with a tumbler of the divine water; he sat next to her holding hands.

“I am sorry that for all these years you had to visit that place with lot of apprehensions that I would come to know and not let you do it. It is a place with tremendous positive energy and I am ashamed that I did not realize it till this part of my life. As they say it is better late than ever, you fixed that divine appointment with the lord today. I spoke with him to my heart’s content, told him that you were suffering more than the pain. He has assured peace with this” and made her sip the water.


Her eyes sparkled the best at that moment; she was overjoyed. We all could see the sense of contentment; with a smile she closed her eyes. My uncle doesn’t miss his routine prayers at that temple since that day. Your aunt was his messenger, he always quotes

12 Jan 2011


How not to eat a cream biscuit?

  1. Hold one side of the biscuit between you left fore finger and thumb, the other side of the biscuit with the help of your right hand fore finger and thumb.
  2. Now gently pull apart making sure that it does not break
  3. Lick away all the cream part with the tip of your tongue.
  4. Then have the biscuits one by one.

Except that if you want to have fun, cut the etiquette thingy, use hands/finger/tongue/teeth and have fun. Not-to-do things should be done first.




11 Jan 2011


…are difficult!!


Hard to believe? Try asking Joey to choose between “Sex & Food”. That’s a scripted character you might say.


Have you ever asked a kid what he would choose when asked “Chocolate or Ice-cream”?


“Pearls or Diamonds” put this to a girl.


“New Bike or camera upgrade” Nagi is not able to decide.  


Someone I know would find it very hard to pick “Hot Date over a Free Wii”


“Spend or Save”


“Hog or Diet”


“Make Babies or Postpone”


“Propose or stay Friends”


The list is just endless…


Choices are difficult and the intensity of the difficultness increases with age; you tend to become more self-centered, logical as to which will profit more and finally confused. & that my dear friends will make it very hard to choose between choices.


Shakesphere said “To be, or not to be, aye there's the point” & that man had a point. Totally!!!


10 Jan 2011

Film: No one killed Jessica

Ok everyone who watched the emerging “Break News” during the 90s know who Jessica was and how she was killed and who did it. For the rest, do some homework in case you want to watch the movie after watching the fake “Oh-We-Love-Each-Other-So-We-Can-Kiss” bit.


Why, you might ask? This question can be best answered by Pati who claims that those days he rarely watched news and that’s why during the movie kept pestering me with “Who is he?”, “In real life who?” and stuff.


The movie is pathetic and all credits to the director; only he and he can be blamed. I mean how can someone having such a gripping story come out with such cold narration. He made Vidya a.k.a Sabrina the most important link in the story vulnerable and behenji-types whereas she was the one who handled all the pressures in the world for the dead sister? Imagine Vidya who is already fashion disaster cum boring, added with extra fashion disaster/boring looks, it becomes like those cheesy bytes based pizza with extra cheese; it would just add pounds but wouldn’t give you the satisfaction of “Oh crap chuck the weight”.

The accused is played by a bachcha, who does not at any point of time appeal as man with the gun and would get raged with a girl asking him FO with the money. On the other end its bitchy Rani, falling and riding over, yelling and creating noise; she is back with a bang after “Dil Bole Hadippa”. She carries it with ease and grace, & that’s what the Gen next actresses’ today lack.


Finally it’s the Jessica chick, the lovely smile she’s got. Some Myra her name, I’d just wish if we had got to watch some more of her on the director’s debacle.


Watch it for the (heavy metal?) Dilli track, how not to dress tips from Vidya, how to swear, sit on a chair, jump on the bonnet and practice yoga from Rani, how to smile from Myra lady and finally how to screw up a strong story line from Rajkumar Gupta. 


7 Jan 2011

Paisa & Pyaar


Are the worst of worst enemies; always competing and fighting.

Money doesn’t let Love do the blossoming.

and Love doesn’t like Money growing.


Paisa and Pyaar, Together have instilled their hatredness upon the entire humanity.

“I have both love and money to my heart’s content”, you will not hear that from a single entity.


Someone has lots of Love but no money

Few have loads of money but long for love.


Then there are those lucky ones who have both.

Before they realize that, it’ll all be gone.



6 Jan 2011

Twenty Nine

Are you aware of that feeling?

When you’re really really happy that you actually hear your favorite song playing in your head?

And you’re walking to the beat of that song.


I am feeling that today;

It is that feeling when you make someone you love happy.

I mean like really really happy.


It is Pati’s last-in-twenties-Bday, so he gets 29 gifts and that too, all in surprises.

Happy Birthday Baby, may you get the remaining 50% of happiness in the world.


Just in case you are wondering where the other 50% is?

He already has me no?!!


5 Jan 2011

Made in SKY

She drizzled when she wanted to giggle.

She was a heavy downpour when she felt like crying.

She rained when she was happy.

But when she fell in love, she made a visit to all the places that were in need of her. Blessed them; brought happiness.


It was impossible to talk with him, the mightiest of all.

Hot and fiery, rising and setting everyday;

He shined a little less the day he saw her. He was sober during her presence.

He was awestruck with her beauty. She had swept him off his rays.


It wasn’t Adam & Eve but them.

They had the best love story ever.

Together, they created the best.

The Rainbow!!


4 Jan 2011

Last Click?

It is good that we do not have a chance to choose how we die; suicide apart. I mean just look at us, the mess we have created by living how we want to. I swear the “death” part would be even messier.


They say that people who do not have “Stage Fear” have “No Death Fear” too. I choose to disagree. If someone does not fear facing people, he will certainly fear leaving people alwa?


P.S: The camera misplacement had led me to talk about death, I wonder why!


3 Jan 2011

Of Luck & Confusions and New Years

If you lose something on New Year’s Eve & realize that you lost it on the New Year does the “goof up” count for already past year or current year?


Yes, I lost the Sony digicam dad gifted me last year; I know it’s horrible but even more horrible is the way it got lost. It just vanished in thin air I say. Can you believe my luck? It happened after I wrote the post on being responsible. Pati was very happy about his “good-zikkkrr” on the blog that he wasn’t pissed off, kept his cool and said “ek aur lelenge don’t worry”.


The search for the new one is on btw, with people mailing me across already. Horrible thing is none of the ones in the list match. I have 15 options now and so confused what to do. I wonder if the year is going to be this way. Bad Luck and Confusion, ruling me!!!