27 Jan 2011

Bolo Bharath Maatha Ki...

Taglines, they do so much to the brands. “Get Idea”, “Connecting people”, “Today tomorrow” so on and so forth…

On that note I have come up one for Indians & I am sure all you guys will totally agree. Bang on

Indians - “Mauke Ka faida Utana Koi inse seeke”

See another Republic day went by; I bet anyone and everyone have taken advantage of this day. By the Sales, Marketing, Media, Bollywood, Politicians, Sportspersons, Flag/Map/Badge makers, Florists and even the aam jantha to the much awaited holiday even if they do not know who was the chairman of the drafting committee (assuming they know why we celebrate the occasion)

Ab after coming up with such a lovely tagline how could I not celebrate? So I took family out to Golf Club for the republic day celebrations. Sipping wine and listening to the Ghazals with awesome chicken on the menu, what more can I, the true Bharatiya (making mom and Pati wear white, cribbing I have nothing in white) ask for?

& for the last time it is certainly not my fault that I bump into people each & every place. I have been living in this city for 25 years dammit, kabhi tho yeh hona tha!

After the “Oh-Hi-How-Are-You-Long-Time” sorta situation looping, I am declaring myself a “Page 3” celebrity.

In true sense isse kehthe hai “Mauke Ka faida Utana”. Jai Hindh, anyone?