11 Jan 2011


…are difficult!!


Hard to believe? Try asking Joey to choose between “Sex & Food”. That’s a scripted character you might say.


Have you ever asked a kid what he would choose when asked “Chocolate or Ice-cream”?


“Pearls or Diamonds” put this to a girl.


“New Bike or camera upgrade” Nagi is not able to decide.  


Someone I know would find it very hard to pick “Hot Date over a Free Wii”


“Spend or Save”


“Hog or Diet”


“Make Babies or Postpone”


“Propose or stay Friends”


The list is just endless…


Choices are difficult and the intensity of the difficultness increases with age; you tend to become more self-centered, logical as to which will profit more and finally confused. & that my dear friends will make it very hard to choose between choices.


Shakesphere said “To be, or not to be, aye there's the point” & that man had a point. Totally!!!