10 Jan 2011

Film: No one killed Jessica

Ok everyone who watched the emerging “Break News” during the 90s know who Jessica was and how she was killed and who did it. For the rest, do some homework in case you want to watch the movie after watching the fake “Oh-We-Love-Each-Other-So-We-Can-Kiss” bit.


Why, you might ask? This question can be best answered by Pati who claims that those days he rarely watched news and that’s why during the movie kept pestering me with “Who is he?”, “In real life who?” and stuff.


The movie is pathetic and all credits to the director; only he and he can be blamed. I mean how can someone having such a gripping story come out with such cold narration. He made Vidya a.k.a Sabrina the most important link in the story vulnerable and behenji-types whereas she was the one who handled all the pressures in the world for the dead sister? Imagine Vidya who is already fashion disaster cum boring, added with extra fashion disaster/boring looks, it becomes like those cheesy bytes based pizza with extra cheese; it would just add pounds but wouldn’t give you the satisfaction of “Oh crap chuck the weight”.

The accused is played by a bachcha, who does not at any point of time appeal as man with the gun and would get raged with a girl asking him FO with the money. On the other end its bitchy Rani, falling and riding over, yelling and creating noise; she is back with a bang after “Dil Bole Hadippa”. She carries it with ease and grace, & that’s what the Gen next actresses’ today lack.


Finally it’s the Jessica chick, the lovely smile she’s got. Some Myra her name, I’d just wish if we had got to watch some more of her on the director’s debacle.


Watch it for the (heavy metal?) Dilli track, how not to dress tips from Vidya, how to swear, sit on a chair, jump on the bonnet and practice yoga from Rani, how to smile from Myra lady and finally how to screw up a strong story line from Rajkumar Gupta. 



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