3 Jan 2011

Of Luck & Confusions and New Years

If you lose something on New Year’s Eve & realize that you lost it on the New Year does the “goof up” count for already past year or current year?


Yes, I lost the Sony digicam dad gifted me last year; I know it’s horrible but even more horrible is the way it got lost. It just vanished in thin air I say. Can you believe my luck? It happened after I wrote the post on being responsible. Pati was very happy about his “good-zikkkrr” on the blog that he wasn’t pissed off, kept his cool and said “ek aur lelenge don’t worry”.


The search for the new one is on btw, with people mailing me across already. Horrible thing is none of the ones in the list match. I have 15 options now and so confused what to do. I wonder if the year is going to be this way. Bad Luck and Confusion, ruling me!!!