24 Feb 2011

In the bedroom

She: It’s so hotttttt
He: Yeah, I know (moves closer)
She: (opening window) the rains are the culprits I guess
He: Yeah, I know (moves even more close)
She: So, no mosquito curtains today.
He: Oh, ok
She: I’ll switch on the fan may be.
He: But my throat gets sore with the fan on.
She: What do you expect, we sleep without the fan? (Pats his cheeks)
He: OK, I’ll switch it on.

Somewhere during midnight, the power is off & the UPS is completely discharged.

She: Oh lord, what’s with this stupid fan, why isn’t it running?
He: (Checks) No power baby.
She: Ah, the mosquitoes are killing me (scratching)
He: I think we should let the curtains down.
She: Such a disaster the life is (leaving the curtains)

Somewhere during midnight who knows the time?;

She: Flip, it is as hot as hell (pokes him)
He: In sleepy tone, come on now, stop cribbing & sleep
She: Shucks did you set the alarm at 5:30?
He: Yes & I gave the cell phone to you even.
She: (Searching) where? I am unable to find it
He: (after 5 minutes of search) here you go, now please sleep

Somewhere during midnight 3:45am to be precise;

[[Alarm goes buzzzz]]
He: Hey, its time get up.
She: Damn, where is this phone again. Let me snooze?
He: (starts searching again) Oh lord shut that up, entire house will wake up.
She: WTH, I am not finding it.
He: The sound, it’s not near the bed. On the table may be.
She: My goodness, its Grandpa’s phone; the one he left here by mistake
He: Let me go get it.
She: Hey bhagu, that man wakes up at 3:45am & does what I have no clue.

Somewhere during 5:30am to be precise;

[[Alarm goes buzzzz]]
He: Hey, its time get up. (No sign of her around)
He: I hope she isn’t doing the sleep walk.
She: (as if she read his mind) stop thinking weird & go back to sleep. Bleedy I am up since 4. It’s the cool breeze so I am by the window.

Somewhere during 6:30am to be precise;

He wakes up to find her sleeping by the window on the table, closes the window so that she doesn’t catch cold, puts a blanket around her & kisses her on the forehead.

It’s nice to have bad nights to value the lovely mornings like these, isn’t it? Have a good day all.

P.S: & you all thought I am reporting something spicy? Ha *shows tongue*

23 Feb 2011


Chicken Soup for Indian Golden Soul is in stores & can be purchased here

Get your copy now & come to me for the autograph :-P

I am so loving this.

22 Feb 2011

Theobroma cacao..

God gave the angels wings, and he gave humans chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolates?

From the 20ps orange balls to Melody hai chocolaty to dairy milk to milky bar to mango mood to chewable milk chews to snickers to ferroro rocher, what a journey chocs have had.

I cherish how the chocolates at home were cut into & given to me & sis; I would gobble up my part, & make a please-let-me-have-a-small-piece to sis again. That moron sweet chap would actually share it. My uncle during 90s had purchased “Amul chocolate – a gift for someone you love” to his then-fiancĂ© now wife, providing a bahana that the chocolate was for me. Well I did make sure that he bribed me with a bar of Amul. Me & Pati these days trick little niece over her chocolate; & that makes the it eating more fun.

Chocolates have to be savored that way. It’s so boring to have it all for yourself & none to fight for his/her share. It gets boring. With all the brands around I sometimes feel difficult to choose one out of so many. While the niece’s birthday is around the corner, I was in a dilemma as to what kinda chocolate we need to choose for the party, CHOCOSMITHS gave an answer.

Shilpa Nanjappa, who runs Chocosmiths very delicately, prepares chocolates ranging from Flavored Plain Chocolates, Dry Fruits Chocolates Choco with different Centers, Fudges, Rocks, Truffle treats, Liquor chocolates, Bites, Rum chocolate balls & Truffle balls having varieties of flavors. You could also customize your pick according to your taste buds plus she wraps them pretty neat. If at all you need more details on the cost, quantity you can always shoot a mail to chocosmiths@gmail.com

& finally a survey says that Nine out of ten people like chocolate. I say, the tenth person always lies

P.S: Be honest & raise hands all who did not get what the title meant?

21 Feb 2011

Film: 7 Khoon Maaf

Never judge a book by its cover and never judge a movie by the book that it’s based upon. So true! Ruskin Bond & Sussana’s seven Husbands, is such a lovely write-up, read it quite sometime back, & that's the reason I pulled Pati to the theatres.

The Inox cinema warned me that it was rated A while I was booking tickets online (I know very techy), which I ignored assuming that all movies these days are rated that way, but I was so mistaken. & thank goodness I did not watch it in the local theatre. The psyched actress in the movie keeps falling in love with all the wrong men, often with less or no gap between the past marriage; she is of opinion that even if there are ways to get out of a bad situation, it is better that the cause of the situation is finished.

The same is believed by her manager, the cook (Usha Uthap) and the dumb/blind servant of the house who help her with the murders. Women beating/no trust in wife Neil Nitin is given a dhakka that he lands nearby a man eating panther, Drug addict/song stealer (O Mama?) John is killed out of heroin overdose, soft poet in the day but sado masochist during the night Imran Khan is buried alive in the snow, Russian spy- already married having 2 kids Aleksandr Dyachenko is pushed into a well containing pet snakes, Enter Anu Kapoor a maniac who cannot do it without the viagra and hence killed of viagra overdose and finally Naseerudhin Shah killed using gun when her tries to kill her. Amidst all this, the manager dies & so does the cook. All this is witnessed & narrated by Vivaan Shah (son of Naseerudhin shah) who is educated & now looks after the dumb/blind servant & is married to KonKana Sen (this lady keeps getting better and better with age). Finally the lunatic lady turns into a nun & accepts Jeshu as her husband, & in case you dint know the judge is played by Ruskin Bond.

Watch it for Priyanka, Darling track, if you love psychological thrillers. Else just stick to the book, am sure your kind of imagination would be much better than Vishal’s.

18 Feb 2011

Here I come!!

Flights Booked
Hotels Reserved

3 weeks to go.
& I am counting.

15 Feb 2011

Of Pastries and Pizzas

Remember this.

Ya so after a long gap & after someone who sits in a 30” 40” cube taunting teasing me (again and again and again) with me running away with the cash money I decided on the date for the celebration. Friday 11th was the day and Planet X/Dominos were the locations.

Quick highlights
• AP wasn’t able to overtake the “uncle’s car (that’s what he told)" both the ways. Can you believe it, that man has Alto and our hero has modified swift with fancy number and all.

• We did bowling and it was the first time for me. I was good (people who are J called it beginners luck) but then whatever I was good between the veterans; while PG was getting khush that there were people behind him.

• An untamed bulldog was in the next lane and man; he was using all his forces to get those rolling. & here was our Pav sliding dropping the ball which took say 30 secs to reach the destination by then the pins got so bored that they thought of falling themselves.

• The Pastries as usual were yum. From the blueberry to the mango to the nutty something to the chocolate everything were tried. Never, I repeat never exit out of Planet X without relishing the pastries. That’s like a sin.

• & puff, we were in Dominos ordering stuff to the good guy who sent us out, took the order outside, arranged tables, served hot Pizzas, re-took order and made a joke.

• While everyone were busy with the food, CP and AP being typically them, stared and stared at chicks dining neighboring table, so much that I had to leave early (after paying the bill) so that they get better access.

For all you people, who don’t agree with my bowling spree, attaching the pic, K is me, K for Kirik Kaavya.

Much thanks to AP, CP, NK, PG, PN, PP, PV for finding time out of busy(?) schedule

14 Feb 2011

Pyar Ishq Mohabbat

Fasttrack sunglasses 1700
Apple Ipod Nano 6th Gen. 6772
Sony Digital Camera W570 10990

Pati clicking my pic while I am listening to music with the glasses on – Priceless!

Happy V-day you guys, have fun and play safe!

11 Feb 2011


What’s awkward?
When someone is typing how to, and Google comes up with “How to get pregnant”

What’s more awkward?
That someone is a “Guy”

What’s even more awkward?
When that someone has a company

What’s awkward to the heights?
That company is a “Girl”

What’s awkwardness saturated?
The Girl being “Yours Truely”

But the worst had yet to come, remember the P.S in this post? There might have been chances that I actually uttered them after the much awkwardness.

Somebody kill me please!

10 Feb 2011

Just 5 minutes

  • To the alarm – Snooze time and I’ll be up after that
  • To a friend – just a signal away, I am almost there
  • To the examiner – I’ll give back the answer sheet
..is a biggest lie. They never happen.

Reason being very simple, these 5 minutes tick like 5 seconds. They are over even before they start. Like the “
Concentric Circle
” describing the “Start and End and No loop” which means no-transition-in-the-state-after-trigger-hence-invalid-test-case

Added bonus: Remember when the lecturer left the class 5 minutes early, & you were bitching cribbing about how boring the class was, you are in no mood to attend the next class, & was leaving the room

& BAM the next lecturer enters.
5 minutes later, you are in the CLASS.

P.S: Sony DSC W570 it is.

9 Feb 2011


Adding minute details to topics is very annoying. I mean imagine I am in an important conversation with Pati trying to recollect when the car was last washed and whose turn it is next, someone pitches in with “Oh the other day when I was sitting here (shows a place) and Kid2 was playing with the pink teddy which Kid1 snatched, ending up with Kid1 crying so I had to get up to look for something around, finally getting hold of the car key, giving it to Kid2 so that it would stop wailing. That’s when you said not to place valuable stuff at the little one’s hands, & that’s also when she said that the car needs a wash which he should be doing as the turn is his.

Dammit I do remember that it was my turn and that’s why I was pretending that all was forgotten. Serves me right I guess, for the mistake of playing fool around the Pati; the history of who-was-where-how-why minutiae.

Tell me people, do you like so much details?

I’d stay lazy, pretend to forget and live happily ever after.

8 Feb 2011

Na tumba busy!

2011 has been and will be a busy year.
& it looks like my personality is also accepted the fact that I am been very lazy lately and moving along with the busy times.

Its one of those, each leg in two boats situation except here that one of my hands is in trying to row boat #1 and another is rowing boat #2.

Yes, I know what you guys are thinking. I should use the technology and handle the motor boats no?

Sigh, I don’t even realize what I am posting.
Hope this gets better. Soon soon

7 Feb 2011

Film: KaL Manja

Reasons why I went to watch this flick

1. Guruprasad
2. Komal
3. No other good movie in theatre

& co-incidentally it turned on to be a very finicky entertainer. Of course had lot of editing flaws but all of it was blurred by superb story, good narration and awesome punch dialogues together by Guru-Komal.

It was feast to watch Thriller doing the stunts after a long time (was it Police Story or Sshhh we saw him last?) Music by Emil is decent enough, background score is although better, especially the “Love Letter” and the “Title” tracks. Udaya taara who had gone absconding after “Preethse Preethse” debacle steals accolades versus Aishwarya Nag.

Watch it for it is a good family entertainer, Guruprasad’s “sarcastic hmm hmm hmm hmm” comment (remember YM) & Komal’s work as a hero.

1 Feb 2011


It is 2 years since this

Your voice is now
my favourite sound,
and your name is now,
my favourite noun.

Happy anniversary baby; May the insanity reign ceaselessly.