21 Feb 2011

Film: 7 Khoon Maaf

Never judge a book by its cover and never judge a movie by the book that it’s based upon. So true! Ruskin Bond & Sussana’s seven Husbands, is such a lovely write-up, read it quite sometime back, & that's the reason I pulled Pati to the theatres.

The Inox cinema warned me that it was rated A while I was booking tickets online (I know very techy), which I ignored assuming that all movies these days are rated that way, but I was so mistaken. & thank goodness I did not watch it in the local theatre. The psyched actress in the movie keeps falling in love with all the wrong men, often with less or no gap between the past marriage; she is of opinion that even if there are ways to get out of a bad situation, it is better that the cause of the situation is finished.

The same is believed by her manager, the cook (Usha Uthap) and the dumb/blind servant of the house who help her with the murders. Women beating/no trust in wife Neil Nitin is given a dhakka that he lands nearby a man eating panther, Drug addict/song stealer (O Mama?) John is killed out of heroin overdose, soft poet in the day but sado masochist during the night Imran Khan is buried alive in the snow, Russian spy- already married having 2 kids Aleksandr Dyachenko is pushed into a well containing pet snakes, Enter Anu Kapoor a maniac who cannot do it without the viagra and hence killed of viagra overdose and finally Naseerudhin Shah killed using gun when her tries to kill her. Amidst all this, the manager dies & so does the cook. All this is witnessed & narrated by Vivaan Shah (son of Naseerudhin shah) who is educated & now looks after the dumb/blind servant & is married to KonKana Sen (this lady keeps getting better and better with age). Finally the lunatic lady turns into a nun & accepts Jeshu as her husband, & in case you dint know the judge is played by Ruskin Bond.

Watch it for Priyanka, Darling track, if you love psychological thrillers. Else just stick to the book, am sure your kind of imagination would be much better than Vishal’s.


Anonymous said...

uff irfaan not imran...

Kaavya said...

I am obsessed with Imran may be?