7 Feb 2011

Film: KaL Manja

Reasons why I went to watch this flick

1. Guruprasad
2. Komal
3. No other good movie in theatre

& co-incidentally it turned on to be a very finicky entertainer. Of course had lot of editing flaws but all of it was blurred by superb story, good narration and awesome punch dialogues together by Guru-Komal.

It was feast to watch Thriller doing the stunts after a long time (was it Police Story or Sshhh we saw him last?) Music by Emil is decent enough, background score is although better, especially the “Love Letter” and the “Title” tracks. Udaya taara who had gone absconding after “Preethse Preethse” debacle steals accolades versus Aishwarya Nag.

Watch it for it is a good family entertainer, Guruprasad’s “sarcastic hmm hmm hmm hmm” comment (remember YM) & Komal’s work as a hero.