24 Feb 2011

In the bedroom

She: It’s so hotttttt
He: Yeah, I know (moves closer)
She: (opening window) the rains are the culprits I guess
He: Yeah, I know (moves even more close)
She: So, no mosquito curtains today.
He: Oh, ok
She: I’ll switch on the fan may be.
He: But my throat gets sore with the fan on.
She: What do you expect, we sleep without the fan? (Pats his cheeks)
He: OK, I’ll switch it on.

Somewhere during midnight, the power is off & the UPS is completely discharged.

She: Oh lord, what’s with this stupid fan, why isn’t it running?
He: (Checks) No power baby.
She: Ah, the mosquitoes are killing me (scratching)
He: I think we should let the curtains down.
She: Such a disaster the life is (leaving the curtains)

Somewhere during midnight who knows the time?;

She: Flip, it is as hot as hell (pokes him)
He: In sleepy tone, come on now, stop cribbing & sleep
She: Shucks did you set the alarm at 5:30?
He: Yes & I gave the cell phone to you even.
She: (Searching) where? I am unable to find it
He: (after 5 minutes of search) here you go, now please sleep

Somewhere during midnight 3:45am to be precise;

[[Alarm goes buzzzz]]
He: Hey, its time get up.
She: Damn, where is this phone again. Let me snooze?
He: (starts searching again) Oh lord shut that up, entire house will wake up.
She: WTH, I am not finding it.
He: The sound, it’s not near the bed. On the table may be.
She: My goodness, its Grandpa’s phone; the one he left here by mistake
He: Let me go get it.
She: Hey bhagu, that man wakes up at 3:45am & does what I have no clue.

Somewhere during 5:30am to be precise;

[[Alarm goes buzzzz]]
He: Hey, its time get up. (No sign of her around)
He: I hope she isn’t doing the sleep walk.
She: (as if she read his mind) stop thinking weird & go back to sleep. Bleedy I am up since 4. It’s the cool breeze so I am by the window.

Somewhere during 6:30am to be precise;

He wakes up to find her sleeping by the window on the table, closes the window so that she doesn’t catch cold, puts a blanket around her & kisses her on the forehead.

It’s nice to have bad nights to value the lovely mornings like these, isn’t it? Have a good day all.

P.S: & you all thought I am reporting something spicy? Ha *shows tongue*


Harish Hebbur said...

Have read such things a lot before but have to tell this is one of the best