10 Feb 2011

Just 5 minutes

  • To the alarm – Snooze time and I’ll be up after that
  • To a friend – just a signal away, I am almost there
  • To the examiner – I’ll give back the answer sheet
..is a biggest lie. They never happen.

Reason being very simple, these 5 minutes tick like 5 seconds. They are over even before they start. Like the “
Concentric Circle
” describing the “Start and End and No loop” which means no-transition-in-the-state-after-trigger-hence-invalid-test-case

Added bonus: Remember when the lecturer left the class 5 minutes early, & you were bitching cribbing about how boring the class was, you are in no mood to attend the next class, & was leaving the room

& BAM the next lecturer enters.
5 minutes later, you are in the CLASS.

P.S: Sony DSC W570 it is.


Tejaswy Mathad said...

Thatz why I have my snooze timer set to 15 minutes.. not 5.. :)

Kaavya said...

Pati has set it to 1 hour...according to him, he'll know the importance of that alarm. If he is up good else at least olley nidhe aytu anno relief.

Men :)