15 Feb 2011

Of Pastries and Pizzas

Remember this.

Ya so after a long gap & after someone who sits in a 30” 40” cube taunting teasing me (again and again and again) with me running away with the cash money I decided on the date for the celebration. Friday 11th was the day and Planet X/Dominos were the locations.

Quick highlights
• AP wasn’t able to overtake the “uncle’s car (that’s what he told)" both the ways. Can you believe it, that man has Alto and our hero has modified swift with fancy number and all.

• We did bowling and it was the first time for me. I was good (people who are J called it beginners luck) but then whatever I was good between the veterans; while PG was getting khush that there were people behind him.

• An untamed bulldog was in the next lane and man; he was using all his forces to get those rolling. & here was our Pav sliding dropping the ball which took say 30 secs to reach the destination by then the pins got so bored that they thought of falling themselves.

• The Pastries as usual were yum. From the blueberry to the mango to the nutty something to the chocolate everything were tried. Never, I repeat never exit out of Planet X without relishing the pastries. That’s like a sin.

• & puff, we were in Dominos ordering stuff to the good guy who sent us out, took the order outside, arranged tables, served hot Pizzas, re-took order and made a joke.

• While everyone were busy with the food, CP and AP being typically them, stared and stared at chicks dining neighboring table, so much that I had to leave early (after paying the bill) so that they get better access.

For all you people, who don’t agree with my bowling spree, attaching the pic, K is me, K for Kirik Kaavya.

Much thanks to AP, CP, NK, PG, PN, PP, PV for finding time out of busy(?) schedule


Pavan N (PN) said...

Thanks to you for arranging this memorable & funny event.
(Against pizza's description you have missed out SIZE ZERO PIZZA's!!.)
Good Blog.

Anoop Ki Jai said...

Pavan ....kavya ko poora thanks dene ki zaroorath nahi hai........
Paise waali Kavya still hav d money and she is planning to spend it....and its our duty to help her to spend it completely........

Kaavya said...

@PN - You all did not let me taste the size 0 pizza, so I did not put it up. You know people who eat Non-V consume Veg too.

@AP - apne aap Jai bol raha hai. Noone is actually doing it. All you bhookads ate the entire amount, there is nthing left :)

AP said...

Vaddu kavya......U called us Bhookads....take this ..dhishum dhishum.....remaining I will courier it to ..........lets do one thing......lets donate that money to some good cause....... then we will conclude who is bhookads......wht u say????????

Kaavya said...

Ok, the good cause will be - Me buying my lost cam. I think that extra amount should go to that fund

AP said...

When u say "Good cause" it means to help someone who is in need of help.....and also which brings a smile on those many faces......here I can see a smile only on ur face......kub sudrogi kavya.....