9 Feb 2011


Adding minute details to topics is very annoying. I mean imagine I am in an important conversation with Pati trying to recollect when the car was last washed and whose turn it is next, someone pitches in with “Oh the other day when I was sitting here (shows a place) and Kid2 was playing with the pink teddy which Kid1 snatched, ending up with Kid1 crying so I had to get up to look for something around, finally getting hold of the car key, giving it to Kid2 so that it would stop wailing. That’s when you said not to place valuable stuff at the little one’s hands, & that’s also when she said that the car needs a wash which he should be doing as the turn is his.

Dammit I do remember that it was my turn and that’s why I was pretending that all was forgotten. Serves me right I guess, for the mistake of playing fool around the Pati; the history of who-was-where-how-why minutiae.

Tell me people, do you like so much details?

I’d stay lazy, pretend to forget and live happily ever after.