22 Feb 2011

Theobroma cacao..

God gave the angels wings, and he gave humans chocolate. Who doesn’t love chocolates?

From the 20ps orange balls to Melody hai chocolaty to dairy milk to milky bar to mango mood to chewable milk chews to snickers to ferroro rocher, what a journey chocs have had.

I cherish how the chocolates at home were cut into & given to me & sis; I would gobble up my part, & make a please-let-me-have-a-small-piece to sis again. That moron sweet chap would actually share it. My uncle during 90s had purchased “Amul chocolate – a gift for someone you love” to his then-fiancĂ© now wife, providing a bahana that the chocolate was for me. Well I did make sure that he bribed me with a bar of Amul. Me & Pati these days trick little niece over her chocolate; & that makes the it eating more fun.

Chocolates have to be savored that way. It’s so boring to have it all for yourself & none to fight for his/her share. It gets boring. With all the brands around I sometimes feel difficult to choose one out of so many. While the niece’s birthday is around the corner, I was in a dilemma as to what kinda chocolate we need to choose for the party, CHOCOSMITHS gave an answer.

Shilpa Nanjappa, who runs Chocosmiths very delicately, prepares chocolates ranging from Flavored Plain Chocolates, Dry Fruits Chocolates Choco with different Centers, Fudges, Rocks, Truffle treats, Liquor chocolates, Bites, Rum chocolate balls & Truffle balls having varieties of flavors. You could also customize your pick according to your taste buds plus she wraps them pretty neat. If at all you need more details on the cost, quantity you can always shoot a mail to chocosmiths@gmail.com

& finally a survey says that Nine out of ten people like chocolate. I say, the tenth person always lies

P.S: Be honest & raise hands all who did not get what the title meant?


Anonymous said...

bhalaii ka zamaana hi nahi raha..

Kaavya said...

Whatever that means?

Kaavya said...
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