30 Mar 2011

LOC - Line Of Cricket

Dear fellow Indians,

What's with all this hungama huh? Just let the boys play and India will be fine.
Give them a chance to breathe. Do not listen to tom-dick-harry about bookie and match fixing. Apna Sharadh Pawar ji hai na, he will take care of all this shit. IPL is about to begin & he would want Indians to lift the cup so that the tickets and everything related to the event doubles rather multiples n number of times.

Very Indian Me

To Singh ji,

What a lovely representation you are of our country. While everyone around is cribbing that the productivity is taken for a toss, you merrily decide to bunk take leave and invite neighbours over? I say why did you spare Kasab? You should have shown the white jhanda with him in between you and Gilani.

The Citizen Me

To someone who wrote take my kidney but give me a ticket,

Get a life you loser.

Shocked Me

To TV Media,

Stop photo-shopping Dhoni & Afridi wearing some army clothes, with AK-47's in thier hands. You are showing nothing buy rubbish to the public who otherwise would have considered this as yet another match.

Now Blind Me

To Astrologers, Tarrot Readers, Palmists etc,

For godsake stop the prediction right from the toss, to the score and result. Take leave, sit at home and enjoy the game. This is for entertainment & we do not need the results already. In that case, why even play a match, they could get all of you into the stadium, you do your work and we shall send the team to the finals. It could save so many intruders into the country in the name of cricket.

Always Lucky Me

To "the men in blue"

Go there & do your best, care a damn to the rest. It is just a game, some team have to win and the other has to lose. Just remember that it is my birthday today and you my boys have to give me the biggest gift. I haven even changed the birthday dress for the match coz it was in green. No pressure though, a win should do.

The Birthday Gal

P.S: http://kaavyaspeaks.com/ is launched today

29 Mar 2011


I attempted "Nawabi Mutton Biryani" yesterday; it was a major flop. Some mumbo jumbo who gave that recipe must have been a fool I tell you.

It had so many flaws which I realized only when I started to cook. Like there was no mention of adding salt to mutton while you cook it, & of course I was quite happy that I added namak. That dish basically avoided all the stuff that would add "spiciness" & I thought they forgot to mention so added all of them, finally resulting in "should-we-eat-this-biryani". Mom's naati-koli saaru came to the rescue, I mixed the "mutton-biryani" with "Chicken-curry", & it was fine. Not wow-type but will-not-go-waste type.
Sigh, at least the cold coffee was a hit. It was just like the ones they serve you near JSS Hospital, Bannimantap.

Newaz, that's the weekend story, what's cooking with you guys?

25 Mar 2011

Changed Churdars

Mom says dad these days is hooked to computer + internet like how we I was 10 years back. I know, a typical case of generation gap.

• He checks his mailbox before going to bed & as soon as he wakes up.

• Not just that, he even sends mail to his reportees about issues related to Signal Light not working, Road signs not painted and some constable not on duty at exact 9am.

• He plans to stop all the papers that appear at the doorstep. Read the E-paper, he has instructed mom and sis.

• He has announced in his department, that no one should write a leave letter and waste paper. Instead send an email to him & he will approve/reject by replying to that mail.

• He has been uploading pics to Gtalk on a daily basis, one with side pose, the other side pose, front pose and what not. He is trying on the new skill that is scan-crop-upload.

• He plans to have an hour of “Chat with ACP” soon where in people could tell him which cop asked *ahem* to let them go without paying the fine, how the parking woes can be solved so on & so forth.

After all these developments I have come to an conclusion that, henceforth, the family will not be called “The Churdars” but “The Internauters” (word courtesy: BaLu)

P.S: Did someone forget the count? 4 days to go. & the best gift would be Indian haraoing the all-time-losers-at-heart Pak that day. I wouldn’t want anything else; except for DELL 14R Tomato RED laptop that is already home from Pati.

23 Mar 2011


In case you haven’t heard y'day someone hit the barricades & died. I don’t get the point. The guy was nashe mein tunnn, so he couldn’t see that there are barricades placed, which were at there first place for morons like him to slow down (it is one of the accident prone spot) & this guy hit the barricade itself, & died. So the police have to pay compensation? Yappa, what logic I say.

Nam janathe will be jobless to stage a dharna for all this crap. But consider ee incident
The man is in ICU even now, his spleen has been removed, and ribs completely damaged but what happened? His family is on roads now, minor ge? case aytu, & because the driver is some rascal pampered rich kid, he will be let off soon on bail. There were actually people who went ahead & said that booking cases must be stopped. All such fools must be made to drive in Chandigarh, chaddi hariyotanka case haktare alli, no high beam, no over speed in specific roads, pillion riders too a must helmet, no honking and what not.

******All opinions are of ME, as a general public and not as ACP's daughter :-P

21 Mar 2011

Back to Pavillion

How do you define a Shopaholic?

  • Who carries extra empty bags/kits to get stuff
  • Whose bags weighed 40kgs while taking the “To” flight and the “From” flight weighed close to 60kgs.

How do you define a Travelholic?

  • One who traveled Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan in 9 days.
  • & is still not satisfied with the places covered.

You can classify “Me” in all the above.

Yes, I am back.

12 Mar 2011

To Do List

Of Yeddy. Become CM & hang on - check, meet dreamgirl - check, share same stage with vishwasundari - check. Janma saarthaka.

7 Mar 2011

Letter to the Ladies from AP

Hey Happy Women’s Day to all the ladies of GPC...................................

Are those words enough??????????.........this was the question in my mind.

Naaaaaaah........check the below scenarios...... (sorry ...as an IT professional, no other word came to my mind instead of scenario)

1. Have you ever thought why we say ‘Our Motherland’ and not ‘Our fatherland’......well someone said that the safest place in the universe is in the arms of our mother.....just try to separate a kid from the mother who is lying in her arms, you will get the answer to my question.......

2. Early morning, before we open our eyes, the first human sound we hear is our Mom’s sweet sound followed by splash of water.........and what do we reply.......‘Sone de na mummy’.......

3. Just take any festival... Onam, Sankranti, etc when a woman (say Mom, Sis, Wife or any other woman) does the pooja and walks towards us with the aarti plate.......that auspicious day we truly feel that God and Goddess do exist.

4. Sister’s smile, more precious when she ties the rakhi and after that the noticeable vanishing smile on our face when she cleans up our wallet.

These are the few truth of life and all these scenarios brings smile on our face.................

Now if the above mentioned scenario (Facts) does not exist.............or in IT terminology.......the above Test scenarios fail.......System (Life) crashes....we can’t even think of it.......

There are many roles woman play in our life as a mother, sister, wife, daughter and above all a very good friend....................................... still they are not tired.........yaar Yeh log kaathe kya hai???????

I used to wonder my Mom always says that my sis is like ‘Laxmi of the house’ and me ...dustbin of the house.......as I reach a matured age ......I realize that one day this Laxmi need to move to some other house but this dustbin will remain in this house with my mom, forever......... (Especially all the brothers would have understood what I meant)

I would like to confess that we all are proud to play the role assigned to us.......and to be part of the role played by the ladies....................so how do we show that...............

Bole tho ek smile k saath sabhi ladies logonko bolne ka............Happy Women’s Day

Well I have no clue as what is the count of the ladies.....but I believe that one Jhansi Ki Rani was enough to take on the British........

So Happy Women’s Day to all the Jhansi Ki Ranis, God bless you all.

Keep smiling

A man (on behalf of GPC men)

5 Mar 2011


Like how important water is for fish, salt for any dish, the same holds good for the writers regards to their weapons, the pens. In between everyone knows that the pen is mightier than the sword & that’s why the print media is taking everyone for a toss.

All you people, who want a name online,
You are in loss if you haven’t heard about BigRock.
Now that you have, you’ll be fine.

So the dream of having a domain for me is finally coming true with BigRock. But I had to sure about the company that provides me the web-presence & hence I had a small chat with Sujas from BigRock and this is what he had to say.

BigRock is the fastest growing provider of web-presence solutions to small-businesses, professionals and individuals. Our product portfolio includes - Domain registration, Web & Email Hosting, Website Builders, Digital Certificates and much more. BigRock aims to fill a critical void in the web-presence industry with its innovative suite of web products designed to fortify businesses’ competitive advantage and unleash their true potential. With a proven platform that powers over 5 million domain names worldwide, BigRock is committed and confident of unlocking tremendous value for customers in India.

At BigRock, we have pioneered the concept of a globally distributed Datacenter. Our Datacenter is a globally distributed collection of redundant server infrastructure which hosts all our Products and Services.

As a first in the category, BigRock will aim to reach out to its target audience via an integrated marketing campaign and has earmarked an outlay of INR 10 crores, this fiscal, towards advertising spends. The communication campaign that comprises TV commercials, print, online and viral campaigns will be shortly unveiled pan-India. BigRock has also launched an innovative SMS service where anyone can check the availability of their desired domain name e.g. by sending it via SMS to 5607080.

BigRock currently has a workforce of 75 people spread across its three offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, and a sales & support team available 24/7. The core areas of the company’s activities in India will include design and product development, sales & marketing and strategic partnerships.

(We are a part of the Directi (http://www.directi.com) group of Businesses. Directi was founded in 1998 and develops innovative mass-market Web Products serving millions of customers worldwide. It is valued at $300+ million and employs over 600 people)

We got recently featured in:

Business Standard - http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/bigrockcom-announces-formal-launchindia-operations/421714/

LiveMint - http://www.livemint.com/2011/01/16115445/Directi-to-provide-young-entre.html

AlooTechie – http://alootechie.com/content/bigrock-spend-rs-10-crore-advertising-its-web-solutions

CXO Today - http://www.cxotoday.com/story/directis-bigrock-aims-to-be-one-stop-web-solution-provider/

CIOL - http://www.ciol.com/Enterprise/Enterprise/News-Reports/BigRockcom-eyes-SMEs-and-individual-businesses/145669/0/

AdGully - http://www.adgully.com/media/digital/directi-officially-lanuches-bigrock-com.html

EFY Times- http://www.efytimes.com/e1/56968/fullnews.htm

Well, coming soon rather launching soon will be domain of yours truly. In case any of you have an idea of having a domain name, send in your email at kavyashankaregowda(at)gamil(dot)com. I have few freebies to give away to you lovely readers.

Go ahead & grab that space with BigRock. Rock On!

3 Mar 2011


Netherlands almost defeated England
Ireland defeated England
& India couldn’t defeat England?

I see people around me, talking about India taking on New-Zealand in the next stage of WC. Looking at the bowling line-up, Dhoni winning the tosses & the way Sachin is hitting tons, nangyaako doubtu. Best andre, Yeddy on his birthday was all dressed up to distribute trophy to the winning captain, but alas none won the game. So he was left standing on stage, showing the V sign (I wonder for what) during the introduction and watching someone give away the MOM trophy. Yappa, matash leg andre idhe.


My Sony Vaio (Blazing Red) is for sale. The auction process has already started. So if you want to get in, just contact me. I’ll do the honors of providing you some info regards to it. It’s hard to let that go actually; been with me during the very happy times of web cam chatting, no-so-happy-time of Gtalks & the responsible for my close to heart blogging. But then when people let you go for no bleedy reason what is with all the sentimental materialistic nakras alwa?

I’ll just savor this pic, I guess


So, dad has a new OCD these days. Now that he has an email ID, he checks inbox like once in every hour? I just hope no-one tells him about smart phones, aste mugith kathe. Imagine Vatti teaching him stuff on his system laptop? LOL, me & Pati almost fell off our chairs. He complained that no one sends him email, so Vatti being the darling daughter, sent him one. For which she had to spend an hour telling him more about how to reply & forward.

He is an obedient student btw, avanyaro punyathma who taught him about all this told him to change passwords once in 7 days. I tried telling him no need, as apart from few genuine ones no one even knows his email ID. Paapu missue aguthanthe kano, he says & Pati even nodded. There goes my 6 days in a week in thinking of 3 good passwords in which he will choose one & I need to change. So I have this excel in place so that I don’t forget what the last thing I updated was.


P.S: Here is the proof

2 Mar 2011

Film: 127Hours

I have been pestering Pati for like a month about watching 127 hours on big screen. That movie wasn’t isn’t screened in Mysore theatres yet, the weekend we were in Bangalore inox had them for late night shows, so finally Pati decided had to take me to Infy Multiplex to watch the movie, which he has not done for almost 2 years.

I had to take my passport to claim that I am Kavya Shankre Gowda and our Marriage Registration Certificate to prove that I am wife of Pati. I had even taken a pen to sign documents, & because I was so organized (thanks to new family values instilled) they did not even take a photo of mine. They made him swipe & just asked if I was his wife, just a yes from him did the trick & they gave me an identity tag. WTH, I hate it when I am ready to battle out with the mighty & all I get is a lilliput. Hmmpphhh
I didn’t do the “wow”, “how nice” exclamations as they were all done before i.e. when I had been there with M, T and K almost 5 years back. Of course the new Rome architecture did steal a few “ahhaaa” but then I wouldn’t show it off much when I am Pati. He has this, all you girls are the same thing to prove every time I talk. The tickets had to be collected an hour before the movie started & once that was done we were sipping the thick Chiku milkshake & my usual P3 status did not cheat me here. I met an old classmate near the swimming pool & the guy being in his office did not even get someone to smile.

First things first, the multiplex is mind blowing al though has a single exit which makes you feel you are in some stadium & not a movie theatre. Imagine 1200 people getting out at once & another 1200 standing in queue for the next show? It looked like half of the Mysore resides inside Infy campus. That’s that.

Oh about the movie review you ask, hmmm it was pretty neat. If you are ok to watch a guy drinking his piss & cutting off his hand with all kinds of shrewd drilling music done by ARR, please go ahead & watch. The moral of the movie though is to tell at home before you leave.

ಅಚ್ಚ ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಮನೆ ಇಂದ ಹೊರಡೋವಾಗ ಹೇಳಿ ಹೋಗಬೇಕು

1 Mar 2011

Jeet Ki Khushi Mein :)

Have you heard about this?
Ok Now that you did, just to let you all know I WON IT.
Ondu kaaldalli History odhidakke sarthaka aytu.

On that note March has started, that too on a winning note. March is my fav month, if you know me well, you should know why.

29 days to go.