3 Mar 2011


Netherlands almost defeated England
Ireland defeated England
& India couldn’t defeat England?

I see people around me, talking about India taking on New-Zealand in the next stage of WC. Looking at the bowling line-up, Dhoni winning the tosses & the way Sachin is hitting tons, nangyaako doubtu. Best andre, Yeddy on his birthday was all dressed up to distribute trophy to the winning captain, but alas none won the game. So he was left standing on stage, showing the V sign (I wonder for what) during the introduction and watching someone give away the MOM trophy. Yappa, matash leg andre idhe.


My Sony Vaio (Blazing Red) is for sale. The auction process has already started. So if you want to get in, just contact me. I’ll do the honors of providing you some info regards to it. It’s hard to let that go actually; been with me during the very happy times of web cam chatting, no-so-happy-time of Gtalks & the responsible for my close to heart blogging. But then when people let you go for no bleedy reason what is with all the sentimental materialistic nakras alwa?

I’ll just savor this pic, I guess


So, dad has a new OCD these days. Now that he has an email ID, he checks inbox like once in every hour? I just hope no-one tells him about smart phones, aste mugith kathe. Imagine Vatti teaching him stuff on his system laptop? LOL, me & Pati almost fell off our chairs. He complained that no one sends him email, so Vatti being the darling daughter, sent him one. For which she had to spend an hour telling him more about how to reply & forward.

He is an obedient student btw, avanyaro punyathma who taught him about all this told him to change passwords once in 7 days. I tried telling him no need, as apart from few genuine ones no one even knows his email ID. Paapu missue aguthanthe kano, he says & Pati even nodded. There goes my 6 days in a week in thinking of 3 good passwords in which he will choose one & I need to change. So I have this excel in place so that I don’t forget what the last thing I updated was.


P.S: Here is the proof


Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard to the world of INTERNET.