29 Mar 2011


I attempted "Nawabi Mutton Biryani" yesterday; it was a major flop. Some mumbo jumbo who gave that recipe must have been a fool I tell you.

It had so many flaws which I realized only when I started to cook. Like there was no mention of adding salt to mutton while you cook it, & of course I was quite happy that I added namak. That dish basically avoided all the stuff that would add "spiciness" & I thought they forgot to mention so added all of them, finally resulting in "should-we-eat-this-biryani". Mom's naati-koli saaru came to the rescue, I mixed the "mutton-biryani" with "Chicken-curry", & it was fine. Not wow-type but will-not-go-waste type.
Sigh, at least the cold coffee was a hit. It was just like the ones they serve you near JSS Hospital, Bannimantap.

Newaz, that's the weekend story, what's cooking with you guys?


Dums said...

Cold Coffee : JSS Hospital Sluurrppp Sluurppp

Aunty ge helu, avru mado "Puliyogare" na thumba miss madthini antha