30 Mar 2011

LOC - Line Of Cricket

Dear fellow Indians,

What's with all this hungama huh? Just let the boys play and India will be fine.
Give them a chance to breathe. Do not listen to tom-dick-harry about bookie and match fixing. Apna Sharadh Pawar ji hai na, he will take care of all this shit. IPL is about to begin & he would want Indians to lift the cup so that the tickets and everything related to the event doubles rather multiples n number of times.

Very Indian Me

To Singh ji,

What a lovely representation you are of our country. While everyone around is cribbing that the productivity is taken for a toss, you merrily decide to bunk take leave and invite neighbours over? I say why did you spare Kasab? You should have shown the white jhanda with him in between you and Gilani.

The Citizen Me

To someone who wrote take my kidney but give me a ticket,

Get a life you loser.

Shocked Me

To TV Media,

Stop photo-shopping Dhoni & Afridi wearing some army clothes, with AK-47's in thier hands. You are showing nothing buy rubbish to the public who otherwise would have considered this as yet another match.

Now Blind Me

To Astrologers, Tarrot Readers, Palmists etc,

For godsake stop the prediction right from the toss, to the score and result. Take leave, sit at home and enjoy the game. This is for entertainment & we do not need the results already. In that case, why even play a match, they could get all of you into the stadium, you do your work and we shall send the team to the finals. It could save so many intruders into the country in the name of cricket.

Always Lucky Me

To "the men in blue"

Go there & do your best, care a damn to the rest. It is just a game, some team have to win and the other has to lose. Just remember that it is my birthday today and you my boys have to give me the biggest gift. I haven even changed the birthday dress for the match coz it was in green. No pressure though, a win should do.

The Birthday Gal

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Anonymous said...

when ur content uses words like 'today'... it will be helpful to 'show' the 'date' of the post also.