23 Mar 2011


In case you haven’t heard y'day someone hit the barricades & died. I don’t get the point. The guy was nashe mein tunnn, so he couldn’t see that there are barricades placed, which were at there first place for morons like him to slow down (it is one of the accident prone spot) & this guy hit the barricade itself, & died. So the police have to pay compensation? Yappa, what logic I say.

Nam janathe will be jobless to stage a dharna for all this crap. But consider ee incident
The man is in ICU even now, his spleen has been removed, and ribs completely damaged but what happened? His family is on roads now, minor ge? case aytu, & because the driver is some rascal pampered rich kid, he will be let off soon on bail. There were actually people who went ahead & said that booking cases must be stopped. All such fools must be made to drive in Chandigarh, chaddi hariyotanka case haktare alli, no high beam, no over speed in specific roads, pillion riders too a must helmet, no honking and what not.

******All opinions are of ME, as a general public and not as ACP's daughter :-P