6 Apr 2011


IPL just a week after WC, a bit too harsh on the players I initially thought; but then after those “quarter-Semi-Final” matches; I am witnessing the WCWS – World Cup Withdrawal Syndrome. Not good for my daily dose of entertainment I tell you.

& Pati is so damn hooked to cricket these days that he dreamt of meeting Dhoni last night and now wants to watch the CSK/RCB match even if it costs us him a big deal. Me? I don’t fancy watching matches at the stadium, I mean if it’s the royal stands or next to dressing room stands I would actually think, but otherwise Nah.

Plus these t20 matches are such agony to cheer, I mean just think about it for a RCB/RR match, how I would settle for a winning team, RR has the wall and RCB is my city. These matches somehow break down the patriotism part which is the most treasured aspect for any game. & that is only reason for me to watch football only during the world cups and not the regular club matches (ManU, LP I care a damn)

Also this year, I don’t even know who plays for whom & I guess very less teams have retained their old players. “We have to go” is the final take of the dear Pati. Sigh, I hope to come with better reasons soon.

Oh, btw very little while ago FB had taken over the Orkut craze of mine, but now it’s the twitter time. This is where I am right now. Follow me, if you care.

P.S: the title is not just a number but means that this is the 400th post.