19 Apr 2011

Avoid ya!

  • You reach the stadium assuming that the ticket you have is of the best view (everyone does) of the match. In certain cases (read men) of the Cheer girls
  • You struggle you way inside the stadium with completely idiotic security check. Water not to be carried inside they say, like if some one would make bombs out of H2O
  • You get your a$$ on the chair get seated to realize that the grills block whatever view that was available
  • Meanwhile the man who has accompanied you is all delighted to see the stands; on which the girls will do the pom-pom dance.
  • Toss happens and you either have to call home to know what happened or else watch the big screen.
  • The brand ambassadors take a stadium ride in the golf carts. They wave and even give a flying kiss, which my friends are totally not worth taking.
  • There are flags, placards, whistles, trumpets and what not thrown around everywhere.
  • Family gives a call in between to ask where we are seated which is duly explained.
  • The fielding team is hovering around the stadium, doing the catches and drops too. Try to wave at your favorite star.
  • There is a huge roar in the stadium; you assume that the main player is on ground. But no, it’s the cheer girls from both the teams who are hovering out.
  • They run around, give kisses, wave and smile to reach their respective podiums. Every podium is 15m apart and has 3-4 girls each.
  • The man with you is delighted. Says it’s a complete paisa vasool, what if the players are not visible the girls are at least.
  • The batsmen come into crease. Umpire shouts & asks if the crowd is ready. I shout no as my camera wasn’t ready. He cares shit and starts play.
  • 20 overs are bowled.
  • TV viewers have Ads during the over and we have a dance from the girls. Often to the theme song or what the locale DJ plays.
  • some runs scored
  • Break has all sorts of catching contests. They win some and lose much more.
  • Stuffing happens along.
  • Runs are chased.
  • 20 more overs are done.
  • Team wins
  • Other loses.
  • You have no clue why the hell you made into the stadium. The man is still grinning though.