1 Apr 2011

Baby Cool, April Fool


Me: That guy who took cash now says he can’t do that. He says he won’t even give the amount back. We are doomed. Sob Sob.
Mom: WTH. How can he do that? Let me talk to dad and he will get that guy in proper terms.
Me: April foollllllllllll
Mom: Too much (bangs the phone)


I shoot a mail with a file named Match_Fixing_Tape_India_Pak.mp3 which actually is “April fool banaya tho unko gussa aaya” audio
8 fell for the trap including Pati.


Me: Yesssss, Praveen Kumar is back. He replaces Nehra.
Vatti: Howdha? He wasn’t in the team no? Then how?
Me: Come on, we are playing in India man; we can take anyone in replacement.
Vatti: Hmmm But I think the present side is fine with Ashwin. Praveen will be playing his first WC match that too final. He might succumb to pressure.
Me: April foollllllllllllllllllll
Vatti: Buzz off moron, thu.

& TT, you are spared this year. Considering the circumstance that you are in, I wouldn’t do anything silly at all. So say thanks to the “currently-hebettu-state