12 Apr 2011

Edu Maayabazaaru..

HDK: Appa, I think I just said something crap to the media

HDD: Yen heldhe magne? I am sure it won’t be anywhere close to what I talk.

HDK: Err I said If Gandhi was into politics now, he should have been corrupt.

HDD: WTH (it actually is Bast***) If you wanted to tell this why didn’t you tell me? I would have done the honors. No one takes my words seriously these days anyways.

HDK: What will I do now? Apart from Kasturi & Janashri all the channels are repeatedly screening it. If that Anna thatha hears this, he will surely kill me by fasting in front of my home. Hope if that happens let it happen in front of my first house and not “kept” house.

HDD: Just tell that you never said anything of those sorts.

HDK: Appa, adella *you know who* madodhu. Remember “nam pakshadalli Pundaru” case? Bengauralli ondu & Dillili ondu? I am not type; I will stick on with it.

HDD: Yenadru madkondu halagu. I keep telling you aa Imam Saabhi sahavasa madbeda anta. Learn from your brothaaa. Amma, Chenamma ondu phone hakamma Revu ge.

*Phone Rings* and *tall-fair-very-beautiful-intimidating-lady* is about to take the phone.

HDR: Riiiiiiii don’t pick up the phone, its still raahu-kaala.

*meanwhile HDD has started snoring

“He says that there is no Bhinnamatha within the party. But soon boards a plane to Delhi, returns with a “victory” sign” – this is an intro given by a local channel to our CM Yeddyurappa. Btw he said that he will surely sit with Anna & fast in order to fight against the corruption. LOL

This is 0.01% of Karnataka politics for you. Before you leave a question to ponder upon “Is nurse Jayalakshmi paired against Renukacharya in his debut movie?”


Dums said...

Nanu ROFL when i heard Yeddy say i support anna ... :D

Wat a joke he made.. Funny Yeddy


manish said...

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