26 Apr 2011

Film: Dum Maaro Dum

I think people are happy to see Junior AB fail and they simply cannot take the fact that he has done well in DMD. Else why would they give out bad reviews on the same?

DMD enthralls you with very good cinematography, narration and background score. So does all the characters within right from AB, Bips, Prateik and Aditya. But it’s Rana Dungabatti who takes away all the accolades & whistles & cheers & shouts at the theatre. He does so well for his first hindi movie. Oh also that new Mercy guy, some Muzzammil it seams, so cute he is in the movie.

AB once bad guy is now very good guy as the bad stuff causes his family to die. Bips once good girl is now forced to become a bad girl due to her career. Prateik once a good guy tries to help the bad guy but becomes the bad guy in return but is actually a good guy. Aditya Pacholi is the good guy in the outside but inside a real bad guy. Mercy a.k.a Muzzammil is not even bad or good but a cute guy who dies virgin. Rane a.k.a Govind Namdeo is showcased as the good guy but turns out to be the badass guy. Rana, is always the good guy who is the only link among the bad and the good, also the only one who is alive till the end.

The best thing about the movie is that it also illustrates that the sacred place like “Gokarna” is under the influence of Goa. Watch it only if you have been to Goa, for AB’s Thayn Thayn, Rana’s hotness and Deepika’s first item number.

P.S: Before you leave a question to ponder upon when the tag line is “Goa aaneka, chill karneka but Dum, dum nahi maarneka”, then why is the movie named Dum Maaro Dum?