11 Apr 2011

Film: Sanju Weds Geetha

Bangalore mirror recently reported that this movie is going to be the last movie of Divya Spandana a.k.a Sandalwood queen Ramya. & next I heard Narayana Murthy along with his wife watched the movie. Few of the reasons to watch the movie but the main being that it is dedicated to ShankarNag, the most versatile director of the industry. I mean I have seen no movie with his name associated.

The movie begins with the most famous “Is it 97***** Hi Sanju Hi Geetha” from the evergreen “ShankarNag’s Geetha” & continues to amuse you, not with the direction though. But with the cinematography combined with good music score; Satya Hegde has done a commendable job and so has Jessi Gift. The crowd just wen crazy with “Gaganave Baagi” and some “Ganesh” guy has done extremely well with the costumes.

As I said it is not direction at its best coz of all the silly flaws; with “Sakleshpur” board shown brightly in the railway station when they claim that they are in Virajpet, Sharan’s whiskey glass getting refilled and getting empty again in the hotel (bad editing) to name a few.

Oh, I almost forgot about Kitty. I’d wish he took acting a little serious. With so much talent and a great back-up he can surely go places.

It is Ramya who takes away all the accolades, they say the only way most people recognize their limits is by trespassing on them and she has done just that. From playing a girl who is swept by her feet in love, to the right emotions when the man of her life caresses her that reminds her of the bad memories and most of all holds the movie when it gets a little boring drag types. If what BM reported is true, then the last movie is certainly the lady’s best.

Watch it for Satya Hegde, Gaganave Baagi and most importantly for Ramya. You can surely relive ShankarNag's Geetha.

P.S: & if the Portugal story is also true, then it’s all the best to the lady who is always in news for bad reasons due to her good qualities. You go gurl, @Proletheus is one lucky person.