7 Apr 2011

Film: Tanu Weds Manu

I know it’s quite late for a review but I had too. Considering the fact that everyone other than me & Pati, feel that it’s a great movie, which is also the reason we watched that movie.

No, it’s not good, actually its crap except for Madhavan. He plays that very shareef boy who still looks the madrasi no matter how good costumes you make him wear who kisses that matrimonial alliance girl the first time they meet and that too when she has passed out. Yuck, simply Yuck.

& then the lady, if leelavathi had seen her smoking the first thing she would have uttered is devre devre. Agreed that the women up north are very westernized and stuff but tattooing BF name on her boobies and showing it to some stranger, is yuck, simply Yuck.

The lip job of the lady plus the horrible hair-do is yuck, simply yuck. & Raja, having a fiancée & loving her plus having an affair with the lady, is yuck, simply yuck.

Except for the Music and the adorable hero, mujhe tho kuch nahi bhaya. Rest all is yuck, simply yuck.

Before you leave here is a question to ponder upon: Why hasn't Saibaba's hair greyed out yet, I mean he is in 70s no?