14 Apr 2011

Gang of Gubaal Girls

Scene: Ticket counter of Shanthala theatre (playing SWG)

Involves: Me, Pati, Girl1 & Girl2 (who have bunked their class to watch the movie)

Girl1 (calling someone): Hey phone ye pick madthilla!
Girl2: Call once again
Girl1: Err aunty, <<>> ilwa? Can I talk to her...? Oh cuts the phone
Girl2: What happened?
Girl1: Shit, she hasn’t told at home about the movie I think.
Girl2: Oh no.

Meanwhile the queue starts to move as the counter opens. Yes, your truly stood in the queue & bought the tickets. That corruption thing is punching on my face thu…

Girl1: Hey the line is moving. Where are they?
Girl2: I have no idea. Yene Madodhu?
Girl1: We don’t even have money.

*So I get the point. Girls have no money to buy ticket & someone must come give them

Girl1: Hey they came (proceeds to shouts to catch attention)
Girl2: Yappa, what took so long? Give the cash, the line is moving.
Girl1: Yeshtidhe. Have you counted?
Girl3: 640
Girl2: How many are coming?
Girl3: I did not count. You do it now.
Girl1: Naanu neenu avalu evalu….
Girl2: Seriously, is this the way? Start benchwise.
Girl3: 1st bench – 4, 2nd bench – 3, nam bench – 4, last but one bench – 5
Girl1: ok how much totally?
Girl2: What??? You did not count? I thought you are counting while telling numbers.
Pati (whispers): Tagolamma extra aadre you can sell through block/black and make money. (I started laughing, really)

Meanwhile it was their turn in the counter

Girl1: Uncle 640 idhe, give how many tickets you can.
Uncle: How many of you here?
Girl2: 4
Uncle: How many of you inside the line?
Girl1: 2 and 2 outside
Uncle: I will give 2 that’s it.
Girl2: uncle please uncle, please bunk, class, agalla, please
Uncle: Do you want the tickets or not?
Girl1: Hits the wall with her fist & yells SHIT

We saw that they took 2 tickets but never sat next to us in the movie. Wonder what happened that day? How many dreams must be shattered? After all they had come to see *Srinagara Kitty*