21 Apr 2011

Good Fun

Yeddy gave 100 bucks to people who toiled hard at the Dubai-Mangalore plane crash & that too after 11 months. & our non-Karnataka cricketers got will get 25lakhs. When someone tried to contact him on this, he went ahead, played cricket and also hit a six with akka bowling him a loose ball.

& last night they say 2 truck loads of gold reached Bangalore safe from the Satya Sai Baba trust. I hope at least now they’ll let that man die in peace. Or who knows he might have already ticket and the same is yet to be announced by that Satyajit guy.

Whoever started that zoom to each actor’s face & make 10 minutes of the timeline in the serials should die with that camera falling on him (Is it Kalasamrat) What is he trying to prove here? Have a good story, & make some sensible dialogues between. What more do the audience ask?  

Meanwhile Rahul G, the youth icon (yappa) was in Bengaluru yesterday to welcome actress Ramya a.k.a Divya Spandana into the party. I have started to like Congress for the fact that they are giving importance to Karnataka & doing well. There is Moily, Krishna at the center & to welcome her swantha Rahul G came down.

No Sanju weds Geetha is not Kannada version of Tanu weds Manu. Seriously no. & I am still left wondering how that TWM went on to become a super hit. On that note, I received 4 wedding cards today. Season start ayta?

Its Good Friday tomorrow. You might be of opinion that every Friday is good. Nope, I disagree. Every Friday is good only post ish. This is good the whole day coz it’s off on the whole. Artha aglilwa? Ayyo why spoil the 3 day break machi. Go have fun I say.

 P.S: Nothing to ponder J I said no, have fun. KThnxBai