8 Apr 2011

Indians & IPL

So the “I’m expecting” and “Blessed with” is doing rounds everywhere which obviously is not part of the recent census. You see that’s the problem with us, Indians Asians even before the stats guys are done with their counting we would have produced much more. Phew!

Talking about census, when the last one was done I was part of the “S’Layout” household and this time mom would have answered “3” for how many in the house question. Sigh!! Time changes everything; see it’s already 1 week past my birthday & Vatti has still not given me any sorta gift even when both of us are in Mysore.

Mysore, I have come up with a tag line. “City that always sleeps”, I mean “Freedom Park”, “Jantar Mantar”, “
Carter Road
” everywhere there is an ongoing activity and here? Do I have to actually say it? Mysore city, such a pity!!

But it does have awesome restaurants, y’day I wanted to have American Chopsuey and bingo we went to this very awesome rooftop place called “Dragon House” near K.D’s. Pati couldn’t resist his all time favorite dragon chicken and ordered that too. In plain words its total paisa vasool.

IPL starts today amidst the great sense of patriotism in every Indian (post WC win and current Anna Hazare movement); which according to me is such a turn off. I mean I have to shout for *pakis* if I am supporting the franchise? Not cool. So not cool. Plus the wall is not in RCB so I really don’t know which team to cheer for.

Before you leave here is a question to ponder upon: If Yeddy buys a team, who will be the brand ambassador?