13 Apr 2011

IPL 4 - Match 8

We had our first big impromptu trip yesterday after marriage. Pati is most commonly known as the “planner” in the family, earlier only in his family nowadays even my part of family knows.

As I spoke about his latest watching-the-match-in-the-stadium craze some colleagues in his team had to sell off their tickets for match #8, they apparently got some sudden work. & our hero rose to the occasion, called me & enquired if I’ll get leave. My TL being the sweetest said yes & then there was no stopping. Calls were made at respective homes to take permission inform (ya nammindaane male beLe agtirodu), changed, packed, filled fuel and took off to Bangalore around .

Pati kept telling we need to park car elsewhere and take an auto to the stadium which I did not agree. I mean ok agreed that it’s not Mysore and all that crap but hello what is the use of having the car & not using it. Much thanks to shiva (Annavra maga alla, devru shiva) we got a parking space just next to the stadium. It was such a boon for me; else I should have heard the guy mutter/crib against me for ages. The entrance to our Gate was the highest and it had queue up to a km almost and just then I spotted someone whom I was sure could sneak us in. This does not come under corruption at all, it only counts we did not have tickets or but them. But the tickets for purchased with our hard earned money. Just the access was influenced aste.

Toss was done and MI had won it. Decided to bowl showed the large screen. The crowds had maddened, shouting, cheering, and taking pics (of the cheer leaders of course). In between “Brand Ambassadors” did a waving session on the cart. I was writing a placard and I heard crowd roar, fielders getting together for a celebration. Huh, WTH when did the match begin? That sling king already took a wicket. That’s when I remembered the golden words of sis “Stadium nalli yenu kanalla. Maneli nodidhrene maja” so right I thought and before my mind agreed on that 1st innings was done. Then Pizzas and Pepsi happened and so did Sachin & Rayudu. MI won by 9 wickets. Thu

“I will not go to the stadium to watch a match” – write this 50 times I have told myself.

Before you guys leave a question to ponder on "Who will hug Sree when Bhajji slaps him this season?"