15 Apr 2011

Mannu Thinni

Phew. Just got some time for a breather! Been running around like crazy the whole day, such is life and the means to earn your bread out of it. *insert wicked grin here*

Amele, did you notice Dravid, Ross, Kallis, Steyn, Vinay, Robin, Chipli all are playing so damn well. & our so called Industrialist (he is 22 WTF) did not retain them. Kumble played it safe, when he heard the news that Sid isn’t retaining him, made a statement that he would mentor the team. Mentor the team, nonsense. Of all the people Vettori had to be made the captain? Huh dude Rahul is much better a captain than that chashmish guy.

Finally do these guys practice fielding at the nets or what? How much thuthu fielding they do andre feels like &*#$%^&%$!$@#^#$&&*

Oh how can I forget the brand ambassadors, great work you both. Nimmanna nodakke aadru people will come to the stadium. Our crowd is not so cheap to print & distribute leaflets containing a message “Boycott the matches, when there are no locals why the hell should we”

Shame on you, RCB. Big shame.

P.S: Before you leave a question to ponder on "What did Ramya say to Puneeth when the team lost the match to MI?"