18 Apr 2011

What’s your number?

Ayyo, not the phone number baba. I am talking about the Aadhar. The Indian versions of SSN (a.k.a Social Security Number) al though not even close. The whole set-up is chaos. They basically have two forms, one for the city and the other for the villages that are also part of the district.

The boxes/options are different for both like village form has pump set number while the town obviously hasn’t. Town form has email ID column and the other doesn’t. But now what has happened is that the town forms are extinct, so they are distributing the village forms instead. The whole purpose of someone who wanted that info to be different is thrown deep down into the bin.

We visited one of the Mysore1 centers to get the forms and that guy demanded 10 bucks for the form which is actually free. What crap & that gave me a reason to yell. I am basically known for my fights, they simply call me jagalaganti at home & there is no take care uttered when I leave home, it’s usually don’t fight with people for me. Sigh, so much for being honest. Hmm then the guy realized that he can’t handle me, so gave me an extra copy of the form.

We filled them and reached the place only to find out that the documents verifying officer is not present on Sundays. Also he verifies and then gives a date on which one must go & get the “Pic” + “Retina” + “Thumb” impression done. Ha, all this for a damn number.

P.S: Before you leave a question to ponder on What will Rajnikanth’s Aadhar number be?