20 Apr 2011

Yen beLe haakidira?

There is a guy who is laughing really weird here. It’s actually scary.
#({Madam, Madam Mike ON aytu})#

Oh. ^Takes Position^ How many of you here are aware of “Organic Farming”. It is a type of farming that uses all the good methods that you studied in your high school science. Not hitting the head? Crop rotation, Green Manure, Compost, Biological Pest Control, & ones that do not use any sorta chemicals to the growth part; Some people who do that were at office today and I bought a bunch of veggies myself (shocking, I know. 1.11 yrs after marriage)

The fresh colors tempted me to buy something if not everything, red tomatoes, orange papaya and green baaLekaayi it was. I am already drooling over the fact of bajji. Anyways I have also prepared myself for *Oh Krishna na shopalli innu chenagirodu sikthithu* from the cook, yeah the cook, my MIL doesn’t speak anything that would hurt my sentiments. Plus I have no patience to explain her about the farming, I have decided to give a smile and move on. But the most awesome was the soppu there, looked so fresh, but I seriously have no idea how much kanthe I have to take to suffice 8 members (yes we are a big family) & I have no clue what will be the proportions of each variety for Mosoppu.

Apart this, Gayle now joins RCB. Did you observe that Gayle rhymes with Fail? All, just saying aste. & I hope its just the rhyme.

P.S: Before you here is a question to ponder upon, will the taste of organic & inorganic farming to any different?


Sameera said...

Organic food- makes you feel better. The taste is more authentic bit cannot be differentiated by untrained tongues :]

Well, I happened to stumble upon your blog through SPI Vibes. I am new there. I blog too. So just thought I would drop by.