31 May 2011


So the results are OUT.
& becoz I am putting this in the public forum you should know my result.
Yay, I passed.

ISTQB certified!!!
No, I am not giving any treats for this!

P.S: my cousin scored 673 in CET. I mean WTF do these guys eat I say?!

30 May 2011

Rajni Nagavalli & Dhoni

Have the people of TN forgotten that Rajnikanth is a human being. & he has to die one day? May be not today but someday, he has to.
I have a solution to offer, why not start worshipping Dhoni like Rajni. I mean of all the whistle podu situation he has created, you all must owe him that at least.
I am amazed by the fact that no TV channel has started linking Rajni's illhealth with Nagavalli. Yea like, kaaduthidaaLa naagavalli? And all? May be they'll soon.
Btw the ooty trip was a major disaster. I dont even wanna share, that level. But the climate was ummm cuddling, made me have 6 warkis. They were hot & I couldnt help. Also Gundlupet has a CCD. Not user friendly though.
More laters!

25 May 2011

Hail Wetness


Bleedy Dhoni, Ruined everything for us, he should die in hell – I was fuming after yesterday’s match. & it was the same Dhoni I was going ga-ga 2 months ago when he got us the world cup. Seriously, what has IPL done to all of us; totally divided by franchises.


What is it with the rains? Wasn’t on, when I was up by 6. Wasn’t on, when I was getting dressed up. Wasn’t on, when I was putting on my jogging shoes. Wasn’t on, when I reached 100mts from house. Was on, after that? I mean seriously? But boohoo I had the umbrella.


I had the best of best breakfast today. Turned on the stove, threw some pepper sausages, meanwhile the other pan had French omelet along with hot chocolate milk. Hello, don’t blame me, blame it on the chill weather, how else do you think I’d survive?


The monsoon is here – open up the raincoats & umbrellas & blankets. Of course don’t forget to stock baaLekaayi for the bajjis. Happy drenching!!


P.S: I think Nano guys should come up with an ad on this, showing the aam jantha getting drenched & child sneezing while a happy family is inside the car, all warm & cozy.


24 May 2011

I hate it when


*people keep tapping their toes while talking

*people barge in the middle of any conversation

*people keep commenting and joking around about rest of the world

*people who think they are best in everything

*people who have no culture to help the needy

*people who value money more than the compassionate profession


Oh actually it’s not people, its one person and its none other than you doctor!  


23 May 2011

Mukya AmshagaLu


Yeddy got better again. After 12 attempts if my counting (actually churupuri’s counting) aint wrong. Earlier he was never getting to be the CM & now he is never getting to leave the throne. Some Gajakesari yogano yeno pa.


We are on the top again! Thanks to #333 that wide eyed/mouthed kid should be one happy man. Imagine the team winning and he getting to hug/peck/smooch his lady love, what else bekappa life nalli? I only hope this winning streak comtinues & converts the 3 letter word AJM to WIN.


Btw remember this news? I heard one more news today that there is a daraar in love. ROFL. That ex-sharaNe has athe kaata ante. Earlier I thought evil ladies who don’t approve of son’s happiness existed only in the movies. But you to experience the crap to believe & yes I have no doubts on that now. Oh also like in the movies, those ladies die a painfull death. I am glad about it.


We dared to venture into that Habitat mall that’s recently opened up at Mysuru, behind BM hospital (can you imagine, people call it EasyDay mall coz there is an EasyDay outlet there). So this mall basically lacks all basic amenities to think of. I am not going there again even if they give onions a rupee less than the market rate.


Aste Aste


20 May 2011

Good Week & Bad End


So this post got a few queries to my mailbox. All more interested to “be frands with me


One person tho sent a very corporate mail, on what he does, where he does and wants to move back. Oh also said that he wanted to take a telephonic interview. So much for blogging and head hunting I tell you.


Come think of it, it was a kind of head hunting, except that the head were of morons. & a lovely week comes to an end today, much appreciation at work & all that. Oh & someone who was at food court for a promotional activity recognized me today, asked if I was from JCE, for which my colleague who was along said “Why did she hit someone there?” Ha, what reputation I say. In other news, I bought “Wide Angle” by Anil Kumble & that book is filled with Jammy’s pics. I am in love with it.


Anyways, have a happy weekend you guys. I know I won’t, the kids are back in town & there goes the silence & serenity at home. Much later Ta


19 May 2011

Eega Headlines

  • Ramya’s boyfriend is half-German and half-Swiss namely Raphael.
  • Shilpa Shetty lost her phone and I think that’s how someone found that she is preggie, which she anyways denies.
  • Brett Lee is bowled by Deepika’s beauty and that bugger went ahead to sing so many songs (Bollywood mind you) to her
  • Yeah Warne is selling chaddis, oops spinners they are called
  • Priety was found in tears when Gilly hit a century in the match against RCB.
  • Vijender is now married & Zaheer will be having a livin relationship soon.
  • Minisha Lamba was detained in Mumbai for wearing clothes not. For possessing diamonds worth 50lakhs.
  • Mallika wore a see through dress that revealed lot of things & Sonam wore something that was geometrical types.
  • Yes, Delhi Belly has a swearing song which the boys have already started using.


Oh, by now you might be like “Ah-what-is-this-crap-she-is-writing-which-we-already-know”. Come on, at least I said them in bullets; all those bloody local news channels will show you a 30minutes program on them. Yeah I guess you guys deserve it. May be like bachchan bahu says “Because you’re worth it”


18 May 2011

Yellow & Blue - somewhere in between

Past 3 years I have been following The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), which announces a theme every year to focus on all aspects of environment. This year's theme 'Forests: Nature at Your Service' underscores the intrinsic link between quality of life and the health of forests and its ecosystems. Not surprisingly India will be the global host of World Environment Day 2011 (WED) on 5 June


I guess the choice on the host was unanimous on this aspect, India is a country of 1.2 billion people who continue to put pressure on forests especially in densely populated areas where people are cultivating on marginal lands and where overgrazing is contributing to desertification. Why the crisis, you may ask. It is largely due to the fact that we use too much resources, reuse too little of them and produce too much waste.


There are four major factors that have contributed to shedding of forests: agriculture and farming which requires land for growing crops & rearing animals due to which large areas of forests have been cleared leading to reduction of oxygen in the atmosphere, population explosion which means more people & indirectly more resources thereby more demands on the earth’s overburdened resources, technological advances and modern lifestyle, both of which indirectly harm to the forests.


I am sure by now you would have chosen to move-on to the next article with a frown saying “we already know this”. But have you ever realized that with the knowledge you have, you have not taken that extra step towards being the savior? I would not want to list the “To-Do” options, but urge you all, the readers not to take a small but a large initiative like green computing on this regard. Else it will always be complaining about the scorching sun in the summers & mentioning it never used to be this way earlier. Enough of bleeding blue, let’s focus on the green shall we?   


16 May 2011

Film: Hudugaru


Before you begin reading this, in case you have watch “Nadodigal” then there is no need to watch this movie. Else read on...


Hudugaru is a story of 3 friends. Puneeth who is writing government exam again & again to marry his lady love Radhika Pandit (eats & eats & eats – she must have really put on few kgs during this movie) whose dad insists that he will marry off his daughter to government guy only.


Loose Maadha a.k.a Yogesh who wants to get his passport done so that he’ll go to Dubai & do what I donno (they dint say in the movie pa). The strongest link in the movie, manages to keep the audience laughing with that local voice of his & oh also wears his underwear on his head (err to dry it off post washing)


Srinagara Kitty the weakest of the 3 characters who does nothing but nodding his head, is in love with Puneeth’s sister and has a dad who is like his friend (who looks like a pimp, really)


Enter Vishal Hegde, Puneeth’s friend who commits suicide is saved by loose and then asks for help to get married to his love. Apparently girl’s dad is a big shot and so is guy’s mom (Vanitha Vasu is huge). These 3 decide to help him out, kidnap the girl & send them off to some resort. Meanwhile in the attempt, Puneeth loses his grandma & his lady love, Kitty his leg and loose his hearing ability. They get bailed out and in between start patching up their lives – loose gets a hearing aid, Kitty gets wooden leg & Puneeth’s sister too, that’s when they realize that these lovey doveys have parted ways.


Cut to climax – loose is slapping girl & puneeth is hitting guy, that how cheap they were to part ways without informing them & taking friendship for granted. See even here that Kitty doesn’t do anything but stand & watch. I was so utterly disappointed what the Belegere aliya, I mean I wonder is he the same guy in Savari I wonder.


It is a must watch if haven’t watched the tamil version, for Puneeth’s acting, loose’s comedy, Kitty’s limping. Music is ok ok & yeah the best part being, the movie is shot in ShravanabelagoLa which I think is one of the lovely places that’s being missed on movies.


13 May 2011

NaBloPoMo 8: Tension


 Tension lene ki nahi dene ki cheez hothi hai. What rubbish & who is the moron who said this?

 I am sure that person hasn’t taken up exams in his life at all.


Coming back, I am having a certification tomorrow at work. If I don’t clear, along with the humilation, I shall lose some self-respect and 3.5k as well.

I am at mom’s for studying and my inspiration is nothing but not losing money.


Wish me luck!


12 May 2011

NaBloPoMo 7: Twister Ninja

All these cartoon channels must be banned. No really. I mean imagine what kind of nonsense they are putting into a child’s brain?


There is Chotta Bhim who can eat 2 laddoos in 2 secs.

That stupid Mr.Bean knows nothing but teasing people around him.

Oh that Barbie series has lovely frocks & gowns & make-up & what not.

Tom & Jerry never seem to stop fighting and be friends.

Scooby-Dooby-Doo is always scared, even of his shadows.

While Johny Bravo woos all the ladies around, Richie rich has robots as his servant.

There was one sensible cartoon like Popeye, seeing whom me & sis ate lot of spinach & they refuse to air him at all?


Why are they showing & making crap out of cartoons is my question? Whatever happened to Ducktales & TailsSpin & Mouglee???

Except for Pink Panther, I love it.


With so much of crap they are also showing ads. In such way that my niece wants “Twister Ninja” ice-cream since her exam got over. Trust me we have visited entire “Quality Walls” outlets in Mysore & they have run out of it each time. One shop-keeper says those sticks get purchased box-wise & not in singles at any cost. He went ahead & too Pati’s number, said he’ll give a call when the stocks are here & demanded one rupee for the phone call even. So much for an ice-cream I tell you, karmakanda.


Just give me one plastic ball full of Joy ice-cream & I’ll not complain. & no I am not having kids after viewing all this, so doesn’t blame me :P


11 May 2011

NaBloPoMo 6: In Sickness & In Health


The month "May" by its name is the month of uncertainty

& that's exactly what was in my mind 2 yrs back this day

Will this work? Is he the chosen one? What if he is not my type?

Uncertainty on the D day!


It's been 2 years with the man – my Pati

With our efforts, much more from him & little less from me,

The word “may” has lost its meaning

& together we have created a new one “Hope”


Like the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."


P.S: Screw you moron from the land of Dr.Suess.  

10 May 2011

NaBloPoMo 5: Guru Factor


For the first time in my entire lifetime two astrologers on TV told that my stars are so right that *naa mutidella chinna agute* (Even sand will turn into gold when I touch it). Some Guru graha is doing vakra movement from Meena raashi to Mesha raashi. Al though I stopped trusting those men post Arpil 2008, it’s a cheap thrill to listen to it & grin, tease people around who are told that they’ll suffer & all that.

Bleedy he started saying good things to everyone who were around me, Pati & Sis (both belong to the same usual specimen raashi), Mom and even Dad too.


So these people were with their collars up & all that; but just then that fellow uttered something very apt. He said, this “Everyone will be happy but not as happy as | Insert my raashi | people”


So yeah cheap thrill it is & of course I am already happy than the rest.

9 May 2011

NaBloPoMo 4: Bisi Thuppa


No, I could not write yesterday & I was not being lazy too. Pati is down with throat infection & fever again, so I was yeah being TBN (typical Bharatiya Naari) & nursing him. You know what’s the biggest problem of being married into a doctor’s fam? When you trust upon a doctor and his prescriptions makes any sort of ailment go away in a zap & you cannot consult him coz your family will not take it rather well. See, I am not sure of its psychology or something, I have seen the medicines my FIL/BIL give do well a little late, like after you have been through all the suffering. You could as well refer to the police who come at the end of the crime scene.  


So it’s horrible to see Pati suffering & not able to suggest him another doctor. & I also hate how terribly wrong the MIL is when it comes to fever & ailments to the son. Yes we all know that mothers are protective of their children even my mother is but you shouldn’t over do it. What will it ever happen if the son has to eat bland food i.e. no salt/pepper one day? No, she has to lure him with pickles & chicken curry & what not? I mean isn’t she doing more harm on the guy’s digestive system? & of course the guy being the guy should make n number of tantrums if I ask him not to eat them, & project me like a villain.


OK, there it is, I let go a big lump of pain that was there hiding in my throat from a really long time. & I don’t mind spitting out the “Bisi-Thuppa” rather than consuming it without my likes.

7 May 2011

NaBloPoMo 3: Chinna Chinna

Probably 1st time in the whole of my married life I stayed at home while Pati toiled at work. I slept, ate, browsed, went for a walk, got tun with caffeine and waited. The man was supposed to take me out for his friend's wedding that he cancelled (thank god before I wrapped Saree) amele called & asked to finish dinner.

Now he calls and says they've ordered pizza, he'll come by 12ish so I should sleep. Oh also we had to cancel off the tickets we booked for Chalo Dilli coz he Chaloed Office. Such a chinna my Pati is, that I dont need to buy something for Akshaya Truthiya, except that I got one. Pics tomo, I am so lazed out that this blog is coming from cell phone and not lappie.

Good Night guys, I am off to catch a movie on TV, while I wait like TBN for my husband to return home.

6 May 2011

NaBloPoMo 2: Beware of Car Fraudsters in Bangalore & Mysore


Here is an exclusive write-up after I interviewed one of my brave-yet-ego-hurt colleagues

Praveen was traveling in his car (Maruthi 800) from Madras to Mysore on May 3rd & when he reached Electronic city in Bangalore 2 people on a bike stopped him and said that they saw smoke from the bonnet. They said they are working for Vikas Motors an authorized service center for Maruthi nearby in Attebelle, Karnataka and they are on their way to fix another car that was involved in an accident nearby. They asked him to open the Bonnet so that they can inspect what is wrong. They observed for some time and then they asked him to start the car (Praveen did not come out of his car at all). When he started he saw flames out of the engine compartment. He panicked and switched off the car. They immediately put the flame off. They said the alternator had burned out and it is totally unsafe to drive with it. They said they will change it for him if he wanted them to. He of course said yes and one of them went, came back with the part, changed it and test drove the car along with him. All these while they said that Praveen was very lucky that the car never burned up and nothing happened to him. Our guy withdrew the cash from an ATM nearby and paid them Rs. 8000 for the Genuine New Part and 100 bucks for the service. He did not forget to thank them & got back to Mysore.

Meanwhile he also called Vikas from Mandovi service center in Hunsur Road which is where he gives his car for service and the center updated him that the part costs only 4500Rs. That’s when he knew something was wrong. He called back the person (Ashok Patkar) on his number he gave him (9741176410) but the phone was switched off. He also searched for the place where he said he worked but that did not exist anywhere in Attebelle. Well, like a lightning he realized he was cheated. When he reached Mysore, Mandovi informed me that the part cost only Rs. 750. And the new one they put for him was from their previous victim’s car. This is a regular fraud that has been happening in Mysore-Banglore-Madras Stretch. To his luck when he was withdrawing money from the ATM the guy who cheated was standing next to him. Praveen hopes to get his picture from the video footage and provide the same it to the cops.

That’s one helluva of an adventure isn’t it? I have promised to do my bit by assisting him in case the cops refuse to co-operate.




5 May 2011

NaBloPoMo 1: Quite hard, you can say!




Err stop rollin over those eyes right now coz the title is not about things getting hard. It is about NaBloPoMo prompts for today.

I don’t know what is it with “May”, all kind of celebrations (weddings/house warming/naming ceremony) happen leaving me short of “what saree to wear”, “Whether to wear a saree”, “What jewels should I team it up”, “am I repeating things”. I am sure you will go on & start judging me that I am one of those ladies who spends huge amount of time staying in front of the mirror, has a saree that matches all the lis stick shades & yada yada.

But the point is I do have a MIL who insists her DIL to be that way whenever she is attending functions involving her family, & certain cases Pati too. Initially I thought its just with these two, but at one point of time in a particular occasion I witnessed a group of ladies bitch about such things. One lady said “Did you check out that saree | Insert Some Name Here | it’s the same thing she wore on | Insert Another Name Here | function”. Next one replies “Howdhu riii, so true the jewels were same too. I wonder what happened to the ones her father’s side gave”. The best reply “May be her husband put it in the pawn brokers. I heard he is investing on shares these days”

Trust me, my ears they started bleeding that moment. No joke really. So after that day, I just give a little extra attention to what I wear, how I wear, whether I repeat if at all I make a biggest decision which of course is the hardest decision too. Should I attend or not! most of the times I decide it, & 10% I let Pati decide. You see that man needs to given some chance too, the other day we were at a wedding and he really liked what the bride was wearing. He duely presented that on the birthday.

So the anniversary is nearing & I agreed to accompany him for few occasions. I hope its productive, my attendence. I will know soon & ya with each day a post, I’ll have it share with you all too.