19 May 2011

Eega Headlines

  • Ramya’s boyfriend is half-German and half-Swiss namely Raphael.
  • Shilpa Shetty lost her phone and I think that’s how someone found that she is preggie, which she anyways denies.
  • Brett Lee is bowled by Deepika’s beauty and that bugger went ahead to sing so many songs (Bollywood mind you) to her
  • Yeah Warne is selling chaddis, oops spinners they are called
  • Priety was found in tears when Gilly hit a century in the match against RCB.
  • Vijender is now married & Zaheer will be having a livin relationship soon.
  • Minisha Lamba was detained in Mumbai for wearing clothes not. For possessing diamonds worth 50lakhs.
  • Mallika wore a see through dress that revealed lot of things & Sonam wore something that was geometrical types.
  • Yes, Delhi Belly has a swearing song which the boys have already started using.


Oh, by now you might be like “Ah-what-is-this-crap-she-is-writing-which-we-already-know”. Come on, at least I said them in bullets; all those bloody local news channels will show you a 30minutes program on them. Yeah I guess you guys deserve it. May be like bachchan bahu says “Because you’re worth it”