16 May 2011

Film: Hudugaru


Before you begin reading this, in case you have watch “Nadodigal” then there is no need to watch this movie. Else read on...


Hudugaru is a story of 3 friends. Puneeth who is writing government exam again & again to marry his lady love Radhika Pandit (eats & eats & eats – she must have really put on few kgs during this movie) whose dad insists that he will marry off his daughter to government guy only.


Loose Maadha a.k.a Yogesh who wants to get his passport done so that he’ll go to Dubai & do what I donno (they dint say in the movie pa). The strongest link in the movie, manages to keep the audience laughing with that local voice of his & oh also wears his underwear on his head (err to dry it off post washing)


Srinagara Kitty the weakest of the 3 characters who does nothing but nodding his head, is in love with Puneeth’s sister and has a dad who is like his friend (who looks like a pimp, really)


Enter Vishal Hegde, Puneeth’s friend who commits suicide is saved by loose and then asks for help to get married to his love. Apparently girl’s dad is a big shot and so is guy’s mom (Vanitha Vasu is huge). These 3 decide to help him out, kidnap the girl & send them off to some resort. Meanwhile in the attempt, Puneeth loses his grandma & his lady love, Kitty his leg and loose his hearing ability. They get bailed out and in between start patching up their lives – loose gets a hearing aid, Kitty gets wooden leg & Puneeth’s sister too, that’s when they realize that these lovey doveys have parted ways.


Cut to climax – loose is slapping girl & puneeth is hitting guy, that how cheap they were to part ways without informing them & taking friendship for granted. See even here that Kitty doesn’t do anything but stand & watch. I was so utterly disappointed what the Belegere aliya, I mean I wonder is he the same guy in Savari I wonder.


It is a must watch if haven’t watched the tamil version, for Puneeth’s acting, loose’s comedy, Kitty’s limping. Music is ok ok & yeah the best part being, the movie is shot in ShravanabelagoLa which I think is one of the lovely places that’s being missed on movies.