20 May 2011

Good Week & Bad End


So this post got a few queries to my mailbox. All more interested to “be frands with me


One person tho sent a very corporate mail, on what he does, where he does and wants to move back. Oh also said that he wanted to take a telephonic interview. So much for blogging and head hunting I tell you.


Come think of it, it was a kind of head hunting, except that the head were of morons. & a lovely week comes to an end today, much appreciation at work & all that. Oh & someone who was at food court for a promotional activity recognized me today, asked if I was from JCE, for which my colleague who was along said “Why did she hit someone there?” Ha, what reputation I say. In other news, I bought “Wide Angle” by Anil Kumble & that book is filled with Jammy’s pics. I am in love with it.


Anyways, have a happy weekend you guys. I know I won’t, the kids are back in town & there goes the silence & serenity at home. Much later Ta